Ultra Fusion Card Holder
Ultra Fusion Card Holder Render
User(s): Gai Kurenai
Nature: Card container
Powers: Contains Ultra Fusion Cards
First Appearance: Ultraman Orb
Status: In use

Ultra Fusion Card Holder (ウルトラフュージョンカードホルダー Urutora Fyūjon Kādo Horudā?) is a card container which Gai Kurenai (Ultraman Orb) used to keep his collection of Ultra Fusion Cards. The casing's design is themed after Ultraman Orb's Color Timer and the Orb Ring.


To open the card container, Gai simply needs to pull the lever on its right downwards/clockwise and close it by simply pushing it upwards/counter clockwise.



  • Just like the Ultra Fusion Cards, the Holder is inspired from collectible containers of Toei's Tokusatsu series. Its status as a card holder parallels to Kamen Rider Diend's Rider Card holder from Kamen Rider Decade and Gosei Buckles worn by Goseigers from Tensou Sentai Goseiger.
    • While Gai stores his cards on this device, Juggler instead would store his Kaiju Cards within the left side of his blazer.
  • It is implied that the Ultra Fusion Card Holder is technological, due to its opening/closing process emits a mechanical sound.

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