List of Cards

This page contains a list of every Ultra Fusion Card seen in Ultraman Orb and Ultraman Orb The Movie: Lend Me The Power of Bonds!, as well as those collectible from card sets.

Differences from TV series

Take note from the previous page that both Ultra Fusion and Kaiju Cards differ from variations, due to:

  • TV/Movie ver.
    • Names of each Ultra Warriors in Ultra Fusion Cards are written in M78 letters/language.
  • Product ver.
    • Names of both Ultra Fusion and Kaiju cards are written in Katakana.
    • Cards have their attributes written in Katakana on the crest design due to their function as playable cards in Ultraman Fusion Fight!.
    • Each card shows stat distributions in the back for usage in Ultraman Fusion Fight.


  • Ultraman Agul is the only Ultra who has a different crest design for each of his forms (V1 and V2).
    • For some reason, the color timer used for his V2 cards is Gaia's.
  • Kaizer Belial's card is considered a Kaiju Card rather than a Ultra Fusion Card.
  • Jugglus Juggler is the only Character in the series to have both a Kaiju and Hero card.
  • Currently, the Ultra with the most card variants is Zero.
  • Some cards that are compatible for Fusion Up form a larger image when put together.
  • There are a few cards where the illustrated image of the Ultra is different from the actual ability they use in-game. On this page, these cards are named after the illustration.

Ultra Fusion Cards




Ultra Fusion Cards