Ultra Hawk No.1
Ultra Hawk No.01
Length: 42m
Weight: 74t
Width: 20m
Seats up to: 2 people (α)
2 people (β)
2 people (γ)
Max Speed: Mach 4 or more
Type: Fighter Jet
Affiliation Ultra Garrison

Ultra Hawk No.1 (ウルトラホーク1号 Urutora Hakku Ichigo?) or codenamed TDF UH001 is a combiner-type fighter jet which used by the Ultra Garrisons.


Used by the attack team, Ultra Hawk No.1 can split into three parts, the red striped UH001-1 aka. α (alpha), yellow UH001-2 aka β (beta) and blue striped the striped UH001-3 aka γ (gamma).

  • The UH001-1 component becomes the main part where it pilots the whole jet when combined. It was made for attacking ground based enemies.
  • The UH001-2 along with UH001-1 was used as an anti-aircraft attacker where it can fire lasers and missile (In Heisei Ultraseven, it fires Breaker Knuckle missile)
  • The UH001-3 was used for ground-based combat. High-pitched engine sound distinctive F-104 has been changed in the Heisei version.

The ship was extremely well at destroying a invader's ufo. Here is a list of the alien ufo it destroyed.

The whole fighter jet was actually destroyed in Ultraseven Episode 32 as it was kicked by the monster Rigger.

In " Ultraman Mebius ", Episode 24 it was presented along with some older jets in display.



  • The jet was designed by Tohl Narita whom also designed the kaiju and aliens.
  • Ultra Hawk No.1 would later inspire another three-formation fighter jet, GUTS Eagle, in Ultraman Dyna.