Ultraman Ace vs. Eleking vs04:29

Ultraman Ace vs. Eleking vs. Bemustar-0

The complete segment

Ultra Heartbreaking Story of Ace's First Love (ウルトラ悲話エースの初恋 Urutora Hiwa Ēsu No Hatsukoi?) is the second episode of Ultra Super Fight.


Ace is frolicking about in the streets, skipping across a bridge. Meanwhile, Astromons watches while Bemstar presents her with some flowers. Eleking, Bemstar's rival grabs the flowers and stomps on them, much to Bemstar's anger. They start fighting, and Ace arrives on the scene. After asking Astromons how the two monsters got into the squabble, he tries breaking them apart, but only gets beaten instead. He then sends them running after dealing a few punches, and talks again with Astromons, falling in love with her. A short while later, Astromons and Ace are relaxing in a field, when Bemstar and Eleking return, and fight with Ace as a distraction while an Alien Godola steals Astromons. Ace defeats all of them, but is too late to stop Godola from killing Astromons, leaving the hero heartbroken.

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