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Ultra Hero X

Ultra Hero X (ウルトラヒーローX) is a toyline created by Bandai, which consists of 5.5 inch (14cm) figures of Ultra-Crusaders and comes with Cyber Cards. Each of the figures had a stamp on their left foot, these figure are compatible to X Devizer (Sold Separately) and these figures are not compatible to DX Ginga Spark and DX Victory Lancer. Starting 25 March 2017, selected Ultra Hero X figures will under Ultra Hero Series and will not include Cyber Cards and Live Sign.


Retail figures

  • 01) Ultraman X (This figure of Ultra Hero Series are No. 35 starting 25 March 2017)
  • 02) Ultraman X (Cyber Gomora Armor)
  • 03) Ultraman X (Cyber Eleking Armor)
  • 04) Ultraman X (Cyber Bemstar Armor)
  • 05) Ultraman X (Ultimate Zero Armor)
  • 06) Ultraman X (Cyber Zetton Armor)
  • 07) Ultraman Exceed X (This figure of Ultra Hero Series are No. 36 starting 25 March 2017)
  • 08) Ultraman Exceed X (Beta Spark Armor)


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