Ultra Key
Ultrmn Lo Ultr Ky
User(s): Father of Ultra
Alien Babarue
Nature: Controls the orbit of the Land of Light
Powers: Control the Land of Light's Movement through space
Powerful energy blast
First Appearance: Ultraman Leo Episode 38: "Battle! The Leo Brothers vs. the Ultra Brothers!" (1975)
Status: Still in use, held in the Ultra Tower

The Ultra Key (ウルトラキー Urutora Kī) is a sacred item that belongs to the Ultra Brothers in the Land of Light.


The Ultra Key is responsible for maintaining the Land of Light's orbit in Nebula M78. It resides in the Ultra Tower. Should it ever be removed, The Land of Light will fall out of orbit and will collide with the nearest planet that is on its collision course with. According to gameplay in Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth, the Ultra Key itself also contains great power, being able to charge mass quantities of energy, enough to destroy an entire planet with a single blast.


Mentioned by Dan, a long time ago a planet known as Planet Deemos was on a collision course with the Land of Light. Ultra Father shot the Ultra Key, destroying the deadly Planet.

Ultraman Leo

Alien Babalou (as Imitation Astra) steals the Ultra Key from the Ultra Tower. The torch fell down and exploded in a ball fire so the Ultra Brothers fought Imitation Astra but the fake Ultra fled to Earth.

Once the Ultra Brothers arrive on Earth in persuit of Imitation Astra, they are confronted by Ultraman Leo, who has been tricked into believing that his "brother" is being attacked without reason. After a battle between the

Imitation Astra with the Ultra Key

Leo Brothers and the Ultra Brothers, Ultraman King arrives and exposes Alien Babalou for the fake he was, breaking the key in half so Babalou could no longer use it. After learning of the true whereabouts of his real brother, Leo went to rescue Astra, then the two Ultras returned to Earth to fix the broken key, with Astra quickly taking it off to the Land of Light to stop the impending collision, leaving Leo to fight Babalou in one final battle.

Once the Key was restored to its rightful place, the Land of Light returned itself back to M78.

Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth

In the events of the video game, Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth, the Ultra Key has once again been stolen, this time by Chaosroid S. The Ultra Key is eventually returned to the Ultra Tower after Ultraseven defeats Chaosroid S in battle.



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