Ultra Monster DX (ウルトラ怪獣DX) is a series of more detailed 6-10 inch figures that are sold alongside the cheaper standard 5 inch series. As of 2017, there are currently 32 figures available in retail and 3 figures available as exclusives.

List of Figures

Ultraman Ginga/Ultraman Ginga S

  • Super Grand King
  • Tyrant
  • Zogu (Demon)
  • Alien Chibu Exceller
  • Five King
  • Etelgar
  • Super Grand King Spectre
  • Arch Belial
  • Vict Lugiel

Ultraman X

Note: These Ultra Monster DX (X ver.) Spark Dolls will include Cyber Cards.

  • Gargorgon
  • Tsurugi Demaaga
  • Greeza
  • Gorg Fire Golza
  • Gorg Antlar
  • Zaigorg

Ultraman Tiga 20th Anniversary

  • Gatanothor

Ultraman Orb

Note: These Ultra Monster DX (Orb ver.) Spark Dolls will include Kaiju Cards.

  • Maga-Zetton (Ultraman Festival 2016 Exclusive.)
  • Maga-Basser
  • Maga-Grand King
  • Maga-Jappa
  • Maga-Pandon
  • Maga-Orochi
  • Galactron
  • Zeppandon
  • Maga-Tano Orochi
  • Alien Gapiya Sadeath
  • Deavorick
  • Reibatos (This figure will not include Kaiju Cards)
    • Reibatos Limited Color Edition (For owners who purchase the Ultra Fight Orb Blu-Ray dvd)

Ultraseven 50th Anniversary

  • Beryudora

Ultraman Geed

  • Skull Gomora
  • Thunder Killer
  • Pedanium Zetton
  • Zegan
  • Chimeraberos


Ultraman Geed

  • Ultraman Belial Atrocious
  • King Galactron


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