Ultra Mydo CD (ウルトラまいどCD) is a single Mini CD album produced by Pony Canyon, released as a tie-in for the first Ultraman Zearth film, distributed by Idemitsu Kosan. The CD can be obtained by refuelling in a certain cost at Idemitsu Kosan gas stations. The single was later re-released as a not-for-sale item for customers who bought tickets for the second Ultraman Zearth film.

  • Product code: DC-0157

Songs included

  • Shuwatch! Ultraman Zearth (performed by Tunnels)
  • Kodoku no Ballad ~Alien Benzene's theme~ (performed by Takeshi Kaga)
  • Yume Made Hashirou ~Theme of Ultraman Company~ (performed by Hekiru Shiina)
  • Ultraman no Uta (Remake) (performed by Mori no Ki Jidou Gasshoudan)



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