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Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy
Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy is the 17th entry in the Ultra Series
Format: Tokusatsu, Sci-Fi, Horror
Created by: Tsuburaya Productions
Starring: Yoshihiko Hakamada,
Kumiko Endo,
Masao Kusakari,
Shiro Sano
Opening Theme: None
Ending Theme: Evening in Bloom, Bud
Country Of Origin Japan
Number Of Episodes 26
Running Time 24 minutes
Original Channel TV Tokyo
Original Air Date April 7, 2004 - September 29, 2004
Preceded by Ultraman Cosmos
Succeeded by Ultraman Nexus
Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy (ウルトラQ dark fantasy Urutora Kyū: dāku fantajī)

1. Dancing Garagon


Kaiju/Seijin: Garagon

2. Graffiti


Kaiju/Seijin: Alien Giraff

3. Who Are You

4. The Puzzle Woman

5. The Slave Of Hieronymus

6. Bound For Paradise

7. Kiara

8. Unitoroda’s Repayment

9. Temptation At 2 AM

10. Ceremonial Bonfire

11. The Eyes Of The Totem

12. The Dream Stone

13. The Invader Of Shadows

14. Lily And Lili

15. The Shining Ship

16. Gara Q’s Revenge

17. The Town Beauty

18. The Front Of The Behind

19. Love Through A Lens

20. The Quiet End

21. The Night Fog, This Evening…

22. Kanegoneh's Shining Road

23. Alice In The 365 Degree World

24. Hitogata

25. Darkness

26. The Door To The Nothingness