Ultra Strategy, Mobilization of the Science Patrol!
Ultra Strategy Mobilization of the Science Patrol!
Developer(s): Banpresto
Publisher(s): Banpresto
Release date: December 8, 1992
Genre: Simulation game
Game modes: TBA
Ratings: A (All ages) (In accordance to Japan's CERO)
Platform(s): PC
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Succeeded by: None

Ultra Strategy, Mobilization of the Science Patrol! (ウルトラ作戦 科特隊出動せよ! Urutora Sakusen-ka, Toku-tai Shutsugeki Seyo?) is a PC simulation game game released from Banpresto on December 8, 1992.


According to Tsuburaya Productions, this is a prequel of "Ultraman". It's story takes place after the end of "Ultra Q" and draws together six stories in between the blank spot in time before "Ultraman" visited the earth. In the game's title, just like "Ultra Q" "Ultraman" "Ultra Seven" before it, has the sub-title of a "Fantasy Sci-Fi Series".


  • Supervisor: Tsuburaya Productions
  • Producer: Kenichi Tanaka, Yasushi Kuniyama, Hiroyuki Negami
  • Screenplay: Yoshikazu Yoneya, Yoshimi Shindo, Hara Akira Hara
  • Monster design: Nobuji Nishikawa
  • Modeling charge: Inada Yoshihide, Kano taxation tax
  • Art: Miki Ishikawa, Reiko Enomoto
  • Shooting: Mr. Sugino Nobuaki
  • Special Feature Director: Aoyagi Uiro
  • Music: Kiro Miyauchi, Mitsuho Hirata
  • Director: Yoshikazu Yoneya
  • Production: Pan Pressedo