Ultraboy McCune
Ultraboy McCune
Human Host/Form: None
Height: 20 m (Est.)
Weight: N/A
Age: Unknown
Home world: M78 (Graffiti Universe)
Voice actor(s): Yuko Mita
Suit actor(s): None
First Appearance: Ultraman Graffiti: Wild! Ultra Country
Last Appearance: Ultraman Graffiti: Wild! Ultra Country
Number of Appearances: TBA
Race: Ultra
Status: Alive
Family: Ultraman (father)
Ultrawoman Meg (mother)
Ultragirl Mel (younger sister)
Affiliation: N/A

Ultraboy McCune (ウルトラボーイマックン Urutorabōi Makkun) was an OVA exclusive character that appeared in the OVA series, Ultraman Graffiti.


Ultraboy McCune is Ultraman and Ultrawoman Meg's first child and eldest son. He goes to school, but is somewhat of a troublemaker, having broken some rules there. He is a curious and playful boy, though a little hot-headed as well. He also appears to hate carrots.



  • He looks very similar to his father, having red markings and all but is a child.