Ultragirl Mel
Ultragirl Mel2
Human Host/Form: None
Height: 20 m (Est.)
Weight: N/A
Age: Unknown
Home world: M78 (Graffiti Universe)
Voice actor(s): Aya Hisakawa
Suit actor(s): None
First Appearance: Ultraman Graffiti: Wild! Ultra Country
Last Appearance: Ultraman Graffiti: Wild! Ultra Country
Number of Appearances: TBA
Race: Ultra
Status: Alive
Family: Ultraman (father)
Ultrawoman Meg (mother)
Ultraboy McCune (older brother)
Affiliation: N/A

Ultragirl Mel (ウルトラグライルメル Urutoragāru Mel) was an OVA exclusive character that appeared in the OVA series, Ultraman Graffiti.


Ultragirl Mel is Ultraman and Ultrawoman Meg's daughter and second born child. She goes to kindergarten and is an innocent character. She is also a very quiet child; as she doesn't say much.


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