1. On a Mission from M78 (M78からのミッションに M 78 kara no misshon ni)

Summary: WINR, a new earth defence force find a alien spaceship heading towards Earth, when they go to destroy it with a stallite lazer, a red orb blocks it and crash to earth. Soon a Alien Baltan attacks the city and Kenichi Kai gets sucked into the crash site of the red sphere, in which he soon merges with a red and silver giant named Ultraman Powered.

Kaiju: Alien Baltan

2. Attack Kemular from Behind (後ろからケムラーを攻撃 Ushirokara kemurā o kōgeki)

Summary: WINR goes to investigate strange sulfur gas that starts to appear on trees in the forest and mysterious dissaperance of cattle in the area. They soon discover that it is the monster Kemular (Kemura) who as they find out attacked China 16 years ago.

Kaiju: Kemular

3. A Quartet of Creatures (クリーチャーズのカルテット Kurīchāzu no karutetto)

Summary: While a documentry team goes to film the strange creatures that roam the hills of South America, they soon are attacked by these monsters but, while hiding in a cave discover a mysterious rare creature name Pigmon. Its a race against time for WINR to find them before they are killed by the monsters

Kaiju: Red King (male and female), Chandora, Pigmon

4. The Dark Past (暗い過去 Kurai kako)

Summary: Seismologists in a cave are baffled to find mysterious earthquakes occur in the area, when Kenichi and Theresa go to investigate another earthquake occurs and Kenichi goes missing. He soon wakes up to find that the Underground people are going to use their monster Telesdon to attack the surface.

Kaiju: Telesdon, Underground People

5. Monstrous Meltdown (巨大なメルトダウン Kyodaina merutodaun)

Summary: A uranium eating monster Gabora appears and stars eating suppiles of uranium from trucks and structures, when WINR gets involve they soon find the growing threat that he is heading towards Havens Nuclear Power Plant, not only that but, he can explode with the force of a nuclear bomb!

Kaiju: Gabora

6. The Dada Effect (ダダ効果 Dada kōka)

Summary: A computer virus named Dada, starts killing people who find its computer virus pop up, WINR and a computer company plan to capture it with limited to its success and worse is able to come out of its digital home and grow to a large size.

Kaiju: Dada (A,B and C)

7. Devils from the Crypts (陰窩から悪魔 Inka kara akuma)

Summary: In a water basin, WINR discovers the capusle hiding a red fire devil monster called Banila, in a cave two college students discover another capusle hiding the blue acid devil monster Aboras, both accidentaly released now go towards the city for a all out battle to the death with innocent citizens caught in between.

Kaiju: Aboras, Banila

8. A Father's Love (父の愛 Chichi no ai)

Summary: One night, a teen girl follows a monster she says is her father in which it turns out that it is and that he caught a space virus while he was stranded in space. WINR goes to investigate but, soon get themselves into goverment operations who plan on using the dads cells to make an army of supermen.


9. The Fires Beneath (火災の下 Kasai no shita)

Summary: Spontanous brush fires begin and WINR comes to figure out the answer. They soon find out that a high temperature monster Zambolar, inraged by the distruction of his home sets his sights on Seattle. Now the team must stop this monster.

Kaiju: Zambolar

10. Deadly Starfish (致命的なヒトデ Chimei-tekina hitode)

Summary: Oil refinerys come to notice that much of their oil has gone missing, when WINR go to the bottiom of the sea they discover the monster Pestar, who has a craving for oil. Later that night it rampages at a very important oil refinery which supplies oil to the whole west coast.

Kaiju: Pestar

11. Dino Might (ディノはマイト Dino wa maito)

Summary: Scientist discover a perfectly perserved fossil of a species called Gomorasaurus. They plan to bring it back to life but, a rain storm does that for him and the monster grows to the towering Gomora. This would soon bring destructive and sad consiqences.

Kaiju: Gomora

12. Falling Stars Spell Trouble (流れ星は問題をもたらす Nagareboshi wa mondai o motarasu)

Summary: A cocoon similar to Ultramans and the Baltans is discovered with the monster Dorako, who not only kills a Red King II but, with the more malicious goal of killing Ultraman Powered and sending info about him back to a even horrifying monster.

Kaiju: Dorako, Red King II, Zetton

13. The Final Showdown? (最後の対決? Saigo no taiketsu?)

Summary: With Kenichis identity revealed and with WINR's base destroyed by the monster Zetton, now the team figures out a way to not only stop the monster but, also to stop a incoming Baltan ship.

Kaiju: Zetton, Psycho Baltan

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