Ultraman Ace
Ace Superior 8
Human Host/Form: Seiji Hokuto
Height: 53 M
Weight: 35,000 t
Age: Unknown
Home world: Planet Earth (Superior 8 Universe)
Voice actor(s): Keiji Takamine
Suit actor(s): Koji Maruyama
First Appearance: Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers
Last Appearance: Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers
Number of Appearances: 1(movie)
Race: Ultra
Status: Alive
Family: {{{Family}}}
Affiliation: Alternate Ultra Brothers

The Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers version of Ultraman Ace (ウルトラマン, Urutoraman Ace?) is an Ultra who was born from Seiji Hokuto.


When the other Ultras are having difficulty fighting Giga Chimera, Hokuto and his friends changed into their Ultra forms and helped the four other Ultramen. They later defeated Giga Chimera with Superior Strike attack. However, Black Silhouette appeared before them, telling the Ultras he would always be alive if there still darkness in humanity's hearts. However, Black Silhouette was soon defeated by the eight Ultras' Superior Myth Blaster.

Later, Hokuto and his wife ride their plane and traveled with everyone to Nebula M78.



  • Home World: Possibly Earth (Superior 8 Universe), Implied in dialogue to be elsewhere
  • Height: 53 m
  • Weight: 44,000 t
  • Age: Unknown
  • Time Limit: None demonstrated

Body Features

  • Ultra Hall: The hole in Ace's Eye Slugger like crest, it's main goal is to absorb Solar Energy, but can also be charged with energy from the other Ultra Brothers. It has similar properties to Taro's Ultra Horns.
  • Color Timer: Ace Color timer operates like any other, but Ace, inner energy is twice the amount of the average Ultra warrior, giving him more energy to use in his attacks than the other Ultra Brothers. Unlike its Showa counterpart, this one is green in color and shows no signs of a time limit.
  • Beam Lamp: The gem on Ace's forehead, unlike Seven's it doesn't blink when he is low on energy but it used the same way for combat.
  • Ultra Armor: Ace has the typical Ultra resistances and vulnerbilities.
  • Arms: Ace is an expert of using various kind of rays, and Psychic techniques, earning him the nickname 'Ace of ray techniques'.




  • Metallium Ray: Ultraman Ace's Signature Weapon. Ace thrusts his arms to his left, then he swings them back towards his target and forms his arms in a "L" shape stance. The beam is powerful enough to destroy monsters in one shot.
  • Ultra Purify: Used along with the other Ultra B rothers, Ace transfered his energy to Mebius to revive him.
  • Ultra Repair: Used to repair the damage done by Giga Chimera.
  • Ultra Grand Wall: A combination shield created by all the Ultra Brothers.
  • Ultra Superior: A combination of 8 Ultra Brothers firing all of their finishing moves (except Seven who fires his Emerium Ray). First used to destroy Giga Chimera in Space.
  • Ultra Slash:Ace can fired an ultra slash to slice through objects.
  • Superior Strike: Used on Giga Khimaira, Ace and the other Ultra Brothers fire their respective finisher attacks.

Glitter Form

Glitter Mode

Ace Glitter version

Glitter Ace

Ultraman Ace's glitter Mode only appeared in the climax of the Superior Ultraman 8 Brothers film. After the eight Ultramen defeated the Giga Chimera, the dark wizard appeared. The eight all went into Glitter mode and combined their beam attacks to destroy the dark spectre. It was only used by an alternate Ultraman Ace and is not considered canon in the Showa continuity.

  • Glitter Metallium Ray: The glitter version of the Metallium Ray.
  • Superior Myth Blaster: A combination move of all the Superior 8 Ultra Brothers ray attacks.


Ultra Rings: Seiji Hokuto puts his rings together and transforms into Ultraman Ace.


  • Like all Ultras in this universe, Ultraman Ace has a green color timer instead of blue.

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