Series Episodes
Ultraman Ace
Ultraman Ace is the 5th entry in the Ultra Series
Ultrmn Ace Title Card
Format: Tokusatsu, Sci-Fi
Created by: Tsuburaya Productions
Starring: Keiji Takamine, Mitsuko Hoshi,Tetsurō Sagawa
Opening Theme: Ultraman Ace
Ending Theme: None
Country Of Origin Japan
Number Of Episodes 52
Running Time 24 minutes
Original Channel Tokyo Broadcasting System
Original Air Date April 7, 1972
Preceded by The Return of Ultraman
Succeeded by Ultraman Taro

1. Shine! The Five Ultra Brothers (シャイン!ファイブウルトラ兄弟 Shain! Faibuurutora kyōdai)

2. Surpass the Chouju (スーパーモンスターを突破 Sūpāmonsutā o toppa) DEATH BLOOD

3. Burn! Choju Hell (バーン!スーパーモンスター地獄 Bān! Sūpāmonsutā jigoku) DEATH DISMEMBERMENT BLOOD

4. 30,000 Year Chouju Appears DEATH DISMEMBERMENT BLOOD

5. Giant Ant Chouju vs Ultra Brothers DEATH

6. Pursue the Mystery of the Transformation Chouju DISMEMBERMENT BLOOD

7. Kaiju vs. Choju vs. Seijin DISMEMBERMENT SEVERE BLOOD

8. Life of the Sun, Life of Ace SEVERE BLOOD DISMEMBERMENT

9. 10,000 Choju! Suprise Attack Plan

10. Battle! Ace vs Hideki Goh DISMEMBERMENT BLOOD

11. The Choju is Ten Women? DISMEMBERMENT Additionally, a monster is "melted" by pressurised water.

12. The Red Flower of Cactus Hell BLOOD (A cactus monster is sliced in half, and fluid flows out of its body. Not very disturbing if considering it as plant.)

13. Execution! The Five Ultra Brothers Note: No character death, but four Ultras are left to freeze and tied to crosses.

14. The Five Stars that Scattered Throught the Galaxy Note: No character death, but four Ultras have their energy absorbed by a choju, leaving them to hang helplessly on crosses. Later, a robot resembling Ace is blown to pieces.

15. Curse of the Black Crab

16. Monster Story: Cow God Man

17. Monster Stroy: the She-Devil of Firefly Field

18. Lend me the Pigeon

19. Mystery of the Kappa's Residence

20. The Star of Youth, the Star of a Couple

21. I Saw the Phantom of a Heavenly Woman

22. Yapool, Demon of Revenge

23. Comback! Zoffy Now Arrives

24. Look! A Transformation in the Middle of the Night

25. The Pyramid is the Chouju's Nest!

26. Total Annihilation! The Five Ultra Brothers

27. Miracle! The Ultra Father

28. Farwell Yoko, sister of the Moon

29. The Sixth Ultra Brother

30. The Ultra Star that Even you Can See

31. From seven to the Hand of Ace

32. With a Prayer Upon the Ultra Star

33. Shoot the Hot-Air Balloon

34. A Chouju Dances on an Open Rainbow

35. A Gift From Zoffy

36. The Chouju's 10,000 Phones

37. The Star of Friendship Forever

38. Resurrection! The Ultra Father

39. The Life of Seven! The Life of Ace!

40. Give Back the Panda!

41. Ghost Story! Lion Drum

42. Mystery! The Resurrection of the Monster Woo

43. Ghost Story! Cry of the Yeti

44. Setsubun Ghost Story! The Shinning Beam

45. Big Pinch! Save Ace!

46. Ride Beyong the Time Machine

47. Curse of the Salamander

48. Revenge of Verokron

49. The Flying Jellyfish

50. Mass Chaos in Tokyo! Traffic Signals Gone Haywire

51. Life-Sucking Sound

52. Tomorrow's Ace to You!

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