Ultraman Boy's Ultra Coliseum (ウルトラマンボーイのウルころ Urutoramanbōi no uru koro) worked as a way to introduce younger children to Tsuburaya

Ultraman Boy's Ultra Coliseum
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Created by: Tsuburaya Productions
Starring: {{{Starring}}}
Opening Theme: "Our hero"
Ending Theme: "The loved boy~ Dear Ultraman Boy"
Country Of Origin Japan
Number Of Episodes 260
Running Time 5 minutes
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Original Air Date 2003 September 29
Preceded by Ultraman Gaia (series)
Succeeded by Ultraman Cosmos (series)

Productions' heroes and monsters. Hosted by Ultraman Boy, a new invention, each 5 minute-long episode provided info on the different Ultra Heroes, monsters, and robots, plus, featured "new" battles by combining stock footage from the various series.


1. "The conditions of the Hero (Part Episode)" (September 29, 2003)Ancient Monster Golza , Ancient Dragon Melba

2. "Really talk!? (Part Episode)" (September 30, 2003) Space Ninja Alien Baltan

3. "Cooperation play in GO!(Part Episode)" (October 1, 2003) Alien Menjura

4. "I'll not give up until the end!(Part Episode)" (October 2, 2003) Wicked Mozui

5. "Alter ego monster No.1 Who? Of the winding" (October 3, 2003) 吸電 monster Giakuda

6. "With great soul!(Part Episode) " (October 6, 2003) Ultra synthesis beast people Zeruganoido

7. "Sucked in and dug up!(Part Episode)" (October 7, 2003) magnetic force Monster Antler

8. "Special Operation! (Part Episode)" (October 8, 2003) 吸電 monster Giakuda

9 "Surprised Shot Gan Q!(Part Episode)" (October 9, 2003) odd beast cancer Q

10. "It's a mascot monster!(Part Episode)" (October 10, 2003) Lost rare animal Hanejiro

11."Visiting the mother Kamakura (Part Episode)" (October 13, 2003) rainbow-colored monster Taraban

12."Do not lose the jump tool!(Part Episode) " (October 14, 2003) hypnotic alien Pega Alien

13. "'ll Came's guts wing!(Part Episode)" (October 15, 2003) strongly monster Ritomarusu

14. "fight for defend!(Part Episode) " (October 16, 2003) the legendary magical beast Shazakku

15. "Sleeping monster large set! (Part Episode)" (October 17, 2003) hypnotic monster Baon

16. "A Farewell to Arms! (Part Episode)" (October 20, 2003) Space Nin-juu X Sabaga

17. "'ll Weather worries! (Part Episode)" (October 21, 2003) typhoon monster Bariken

18. "Do go the land? Or go sky?(Part Episode) " (October 22, 2003) Absolute biological Geshenku

19. "What you attack and fight!? (Part Episode)" (October 23, 2003) Synthesis Beast Darambia

20. "Alien Baltan set!(Part Episode)" (October 24, 2003) Space Ninja Baltan Alien

21. "Wherever runaway winding.(Part Episode)" (October 27, 2003) underground shark Geoshak

22. "Came out §! Underground shark wound(Part Episode)" (October 28, 2003) underground shark Geozak

23. "Challenge to ultra-fast! Of the wound(Part Episode)" (October 29, 2003) Ultra ancient advance guard monster Zoiga

24. "Winding of the hydra of legend (Part Episode)" (October 30, 2003) plateau dragon Hydra

"! Weak point of the wound" (October 31, 2003) and ( new imaging: Ultraman Ace vs Zarabu alien )

"Force to protect the important things! (Part Episode)" (November 3, 2003) magma rocks and underground beast Gières II

"Electrical gourmet monster!? (Part Episode)" (November 4, 2003) transparent monster Neronga

"Ze's help in the dive! (Part Episode)" (November 5, 2003) malicious alien Regyuran Alien

"Sakura Fubuki Japan!? Maki" (November 6, 2003) conspiracy alien Manon Alien

"Alien ally monster! Maki" (November 7, 2003) transformed Phantom pit Seijin , space monster Eleking

"Memories of pounding!? Maki" (November 10, 2003) mycelia monster Four gas

"Princess my best! Maki" (November 11, 2003) combined monster plasma, coalescence monster Mainazuma

"Deep sea of ​​tag!? Maki" (November 12, 2003) deep sea dragon Di plus

"Friendly battle of winding" (November 13, 2003) ancient monster Algona

"Capsule monster get together! Maki" (November 14, 2003) capsule monster Windom , capsule monster Mikulas , capsule monster Aguila

"Mind and body it big! Maki" (November 17, 2003) mutant monster King Molerat

"The win in last's love! Of the wound" (November 18, 2003) volcano Kaitori Burdon

"It's a return match! Maki" (November 19, 2003) deep sea dragon Di plus

"Gonna to learn! The winding of good technique" (November 20, 2003) carnivorous underground monster Daigerun

"Specter of Wild Things! Maki" (November 21, 2003) aquatic Phantom Tepeto star people, kappa monster Tepeto

"Wind attract monster 3000 degrees!? Maki" (November 24, 2003) ultra-high heat monster Sodom

"Watch out for weakness! Maki" (November 25, 2003) alter ego alien guts Alien

"UFO, Monster Dontokoi! Maki" (November 26, 2003) advance guard monster Gyanza

"Our light of warrior! Maki" (November 27, 2003) flame magic warrior Kirieroido II

"! Mach combination" (November 28, 2003) ( new imaging : Ultraman Dyna -to- hook Seijin , Reibiku alien)

"Top Gun calling on! Maki" (December 1, 2003) hyperspace wave monster Mezado

"The enemy crane game!? Maki" (December 2, 2003) robot monster crazy Gon

"Pinch call friend! Maki" (December 3, 2003) hyperspace wave monster Saikomezado

"I always wound of a close friend in mind!" (December 4, 2003) behemoth Zorimu

"Minis Monster large set! Maki" (December 5, 2003) Ogame monster mini Tortoise, the universe bacteria Daly

"Do not! Winding succumb to fake" (December 8, 2003) metal life Arugyurosu, fake Ultraman agglutinin

"The key to seize the person! Maki" (December 9, 2003) fake Astra, dark star people Babaruu Alien

"I want to see the future? Maki" (December 10, 2003) space-time monster Aero Viper

"Sea and winding in the Earth Between" (December 11, 2003) Earth Man Nonmaruto , octopus monster Gairosu

"It's a perfectly round monster! Maki" (December 12, 2003) Space Monster Bemura, foaming monster Duncan, space demons Akumania Alien

"I also want to see Earth! Maki" (December 15, 2003) the universe large insect Daioriusu

"Save the elephants! Maki" (December 16, 2003) deformed monster Zuruzura, Astrobiology Jackie

"It's guts! GUTS! Maki" (December 17, 2003) lava synthetic beast Guraren

"I'll ~! Of the wound will be in stone" (December 18, 2003) rock monster Gakuma β

"Part of the good technique of Ultra Hero" (December 19, 2003)

"Outrageous monster appearance!? Maki" (December 22, 2003) antimatter monster Anti-Matter "Cold and heat ~ Lee monster! Maki" (December 23, 2003) disk biological Blizzard

"Shot! Beware of winding in street at night" (December 24, 2003) kidnapping alien Reibiku Alien

"It's the Earth! First relay of the winding" (December 25, 2003)

"Winding of the devil of revenge" (December 26, 2003) ( new imaging : Ultraman agglutinin pair hook Seijin, Reibiku alien)

"Part of the miracle of double Hero" (January 5, 2004) Space dinosaur Yanakagi

"Niigata !! winding of longing" (January 6, 2004) mortar monster course

"Sortie! Ultra Hawk No. 1 winding" (January 7, 2004) warship robot Iron Rocks

"Stamina most! Maki" (January 8, 2004) Cobb monster Okorin ball "Monkey panic Maki" (January 9, 2004)

"The wound of Beyond distant empty" (January 12, 2004) Guardian Beast Lekeu

"Part of the time limit is one minute" (January 13, 2004) monster ball Seven gar, dihedral heinous monster Assurance

"Calling on! Mat gyro Maki" (January 14, 2004) poison gas monster Mogunezun

"Horaa! Horror Monster Maki" (January 15, 2004) blood-sucking magical beast Kyuranosu

"Monster Island winding of fuss" (January 16, 2004) underground monster Magura, friendship rare animal Pigumon , horror plant Suffren, skull monster Red King , winged monster Chandler

"Emergency and let's go !! winding into the dream" (January 19, 2004) Mugen monster Bakugon

"Attack !! winding at the young" (January 20, 2004) grotesque alien kettle Alien

"Alien at the time of twilight!? Maki" (January 21, 2004) hallucination alien Alien Metron

"Pets large dinosaur!? Maki" (January 22, 2004) boa dinosaur Jirass

"Good technique of Ultraman Tiga! Maki" (January 23, 2004)

"Winding of ze battle not a game!" (January 26, 2004) super deadly monster demagogue

"Brawl! Villainy wrestler Maki" (January 27, 2004) Space Emperor Bado Alien

"Winding of friends Super Robot !!" (January 28, 2004) malicious alien Regyuran Alien Dzuu~oka~a Shogun , Mountain Gulliver No. 5

"'ll's Monster Olympic! Maki" (January 29, 2004) blue foam monster Aborasu , red flame monster vanilla

"Monster strengthening check of winding" (January 30, 2004)

"Winding journey freshly! Star boys" (February 2, 2004) lapis lazuli color alien Rasesuta Alien "Everyone, to your together! Maki" (February 3, 2004) Kisaragi Alien Onibanba

"Shoot the invaders! Winding of UGM" (February 4, 2004) Space Ninja Vartan Alien fifth generation

"Remodeling of Yapuru winding of Battle" (February 5, 2004) remodeling bemstar , remodeling Cactuar , remodeling Berokuron II world

"? Invasion strategy to anyway Maki" (February 6, 2004) ( new imaging : Alien Baltan, magma Alien VS Ultraman A)

"Winding monster Kodakusan" (February 9, 2004) space combat beast Ko~tsuvu II "Ace false god rid of! Maki" (February 10, 2004) Ushigami super beast Cowra

"Ganso! Winding of the tag of the deep sea" (February 11, 2004) deep sea monster Gubira

"Winding of Save the brother I! Brother" (February 12, 2004) disk biological Hangura

"Andro Guard dispatch! Maki" (February 13, 2004) Fighting Bem-Zabiden, Mekabarutan

"Antarctica impasse Dano winding" (February 16, 2004) Space Marine Mammal Reikyubasu

"7000 years of slumber Maki" (February 17, 2004) mummy Phantom mummy man, mummy monster Dodongo

"Winding of Shinobi of Raidomeka" (February 18, 2004) carnivorous underground monster clone die gel down

"Winding of Watch out for ray" (February 19, 2004) berserk monster earth Tron

"Guar empire invasion corps Arawaru! Maki" (February 20, 2004)

"Only once of tricks!? Maki" (February 23, 2004) instep Beast Jobarie

"I'm home winding during sleep" (February 24, 2004) two-dimensional monster Gavu~adon A

"Paku~tsu! And, people drink of the wound" (February 25, 2004) oil super beast oil drinkers, Space Monster Astro Mons

"Yokozuna monster ring entering ceremony! Maki" (February 26, 2004) Sumo Monster Jihibikiran

"Part of the good technique of andro Guard" (February 27, 2004) Alien Magma three people Shu

"Top? Under? Which one? Maki" (March 1, 2004) hyperspace symbiosis monster club gun, hyperspace symbiotic monster Anemos

"Winding of the capsule monster of trouble" (March 2, 2004) capsule monster Aguila, false Ultraseven

The "hot attack dive in! Maki" (March 3, 2004) large frog monster Tondairu

"Winding of agglutinin's life lessons" (March 4, 2004) lazy monster Yametaransu

"! Shock agglutinin pair winding of agglutinin" (March 5, 2004) and ( new imaging : Ultraman agglutinin VS Zarabu alien)

"White Daigekitotsu Maki" (March 8, 2004) comet monster Draco , frozen monster Gigas, skull monster Red King second generation

"Wait a time of reversal! Maki" (March 9, 2004) Modified monster Gazoto II

"Phantom of the smile of the wound" (March 10, 2004) Evil Beast mother-in-law Etori

"Ah tears, tears of the sea! Maki" (March 11, 2004) huge mystery fish Angorasu

"This is the winding of Raidomeka of GUTS" (March 12, 2004)

"Winding of guy that came back" (March 15, 2004) Strengthening ultra ancient monster Golza

"Blitz monster appearance! Maki" (March 16, 2004) Space synthetic beast Jiomosu

"Decisive Battle! Winding of the second round" (March 17, 2004) Ultra universe synthetic beast NeoGeo Moss

"Apart! Coalescence!? Maki" (March 18, 2004) Kunoichi ultra beast Yunitangu "Part of the secret of Yapuru" (March 19, 2004) another dimension who Yapuru "Monster shooting star Maki" (March 22, 2004) comet monster Gaigaredo "There is a secret to the starry sky! Maki" (March 23, 2004) psychedelic alien Peroringa Seijin "Winding of the Abominable Snowman came from outer space" (March 24, 2004) Yukio Seijin Barudakku Seijin "Monster tournament Maki" (March 25, 2004) hyper clone monster Neozarusu, Herculean strength monster clone Silva Gon "Part of the secret of Tenpera Seijin" (March 26, 2004) villainy alien Tenpera Seijin "'ll Scary than lightning! Maki" (March 29, 2004) Space raijū Pazuzu "Winding hero dancing in the darkness" (March 30, 2004) delusion Ultra Seven "Monster like a space alien of winding" (March 31, 2004) villainy Hunter alien miserably Alien "Monster of majesty!? Maki" (April 1, 2004) monster chief Jeronimon , underground monster play Teresudon "Hourglass of winding of the dream of battle - Himara" (April 2, 2004) and ( new imaging : Himara VS Ultraman Dyna (flash type)) and "What is the courage to not fight? of the winding" (April 5, 2004) Artes Tiger monster Izsak "It's revenge of the seniors! Maki" (April 6, 2004) Space dinosaur Zetton second generation , antennae alien bat Seijin "Rowdy Watch out! Maki" (April 7, 2004) EEG monster Gyango "Sakura bloom! Monster fall? Maki" (April 8, 2004) graffiti monster Gongorosu "Decisive Battle! Tokyo Tower of the wound" (April 9, 2004) insect monster Nokogirin, cicada monster Kinguzemira, kidnapping Phantom Kemuru people "Gather! Winding of the power of light" (April 12, 2004) false god Gatanothor "Please Please be quiet! Maki" (April 13, 2004) Noise super beast sound Gira "Shot! Mapputatsu Maki" (April 14, 2004) strange alien Turku Alien "Winding of the monster of color timer" (April 15, 2004) Ultra ancient guardian monster Gadi, e-Ville Tiga "Start! Winding its 1 of Ultra mechanic" (April 16, 2004) McKee No. 2, jet Beetle, TAC Falcon, Ultra Hawk No. 1 "Clash! Winding in the storm" (April 19, 2004) giant fish monster Muruchi "We all alien winding" (Apr 20 日 年 2004) UFO monster Abudorarusu "This is Dekisasubimu! Maki" (April 21, 2004) rock monster Gakuma α "Watch out for glowing eyes! Maki" (April 22, 2004) photothermal monster Keira "Start! Ultra mechanics of winding 2 that" (April 23, 2004) pointer, Ultra Hawk No. 2, Matt Arrow No. 1, Matt Arrow No. 2 "Monster of the Tokyo underground! Maki" (April 26, 2004) underground Monster Mizuno perilla Liu "Shot countdown! Maki" (April 27, 2004) the seabed Man Lagon (huge) "Winding of the brave to be applied in the middle of the night" (April 28, 2004) Space Monster Gokigumon "Single Flower blow winding tricks" (April 29, 2004) plant monster Kendorosu "Part of the good technique of Ultraman Taro" (April 30, 2004) mirage monster Rodora "Collector alien Arawaru! Maki" (May 3, 2004) and bizarre alien Himara "! Nekketsu's guidance Eighty teacher Maki" (May 4, 2004) ( new imaging : Ultraman 80 teacher, frozen monster Gigas (Minoru), huge deformed beast Satanbizo (big brother), ghost Phantom ghost alien (Hiroshi)) "! This is the ultra spirits of winding" (May 5, 2004) ( new imaging : Ultraman 80 teacher, frozen monster Gigas (Minoru), huge deformed beast Satanbizo (big brother), ghost Phantom ghost alien (Hiroshi), kettle Alien (Yoko)) "The sky and the double attack! Winding of the sea" (May 6, 2004) octopus monster Gairosu "Monster mother Maki" (May 7, 2004) bird monster Flying Ride Ron "Behold! Splendid blow of winding" (May 10, 2004) Space capture mechanical beast Σ Zuiguru "I've seen surprising identity! Maki" (May 11, 2004) rat monster Robonezu "'ll Cool down strategy !! Maki" (May 12, 2004) Gas super beast Gasugegon "Beautiful winding heart of power" (May 13, 2004) Space Robot King Joe "This is the winding of Raidomeka of XIG" (May 14, 2004) "What is the true hero? Maki" (May 17, 2004) fake Ultraman Dyna, destruction Beast Monsuaga II "How to put a monster!? Maki" (May 18, 2004) balloon monster Bango "Sky Higher lightning rod winding Strategy" (May 19, 2004) poison gas monster Medan "First Ever! Winding game Dano in Nara era" (May 20, 2004) time super beast Daidarahoshi "Winding of Ultraman good technique of Dinah" (May 21, 2004) "Winding of the shadow of the power light of power" (May 24, 2004) E-Ville Tiga, ultra ancient guardian monster Gadi "Ant invasion! That's not fair, is it? Maki" (May 25, 2004) large winged ant monster Arindou "All the way in search of garbage Japan! Maki" (May 26, 2004) plastic monster Gokinezura "Of the coming from the golden dragon sky winding" (May 27, 2004) the universe dragon Nurse "This is Kirieru people Dano wound" (May 28, 2004) flame magic warrior Kirieroido, flame magic warrior Kirieroido II "Winding of midnight leading role" (May 31, 2004) beast who Urufugasu "Came out §! Green of the imaginary-off of the winding" (June 1, 2004) insect alien vermin Alien "GO at Miracle tag! Maki" (June 2, 2004) Space spark Monster Bazobu "It's a showdown's wilderness's universe! Maki" (June 3, 2004) anti-gravity alien Godora Alien "! Aim road winding to the Olympic Games" (June 4, 2004) grotesque alien kettle Alien ( new imaging : Sophie and kettle alien practice of volleyball) "Kimero! Miracle shot wound" (June 7, 2004) blood-sucking life Marikyura "Part of the wide beam wide shot" (June 8, 2004) Space Birdman Airosu Alien "It's assault! Winding of Mac Roddy" (June 9, 2004) wandering monster Ron "False strength real strength of the wound" (June 10, 2004) fake Ultraman Dyna "Winding of the universe disk Great Exhibition" (June 11, 2004) "Watch out for the angel of the mask! Maki" (June 14, 2004) Aquarius super beast Aquarius "Formidable enemy glove? Maki" (June 15, 2004) Ultraviolet monster Gurobusuku "Oh! The huge Art Dessei issue of the wound" (June 16, 2004) biological weapons Deshimonia "Thank you for Ultra father's wound" (June 17, 2004) invulnerable monster Lyndon "Winding monster makeover" (June 18, 2004) protean monster King snail "Villain Ultraman Genru! Maki" (June 21, 2004) fake Ultraman, violent alien Zarabu Alien "Clash! Ultra 2 Monster Maki" (June 22, 2004) space combat beast super Ko~tsuvu, space raijū ultra Pazuzu "ZAT is to rely on fellow! Maki" (June 23, 2004) slug monster dilemma "Where there is no world? Winding of this world" (June 24, 2004) superhuman robot ace robot, different dimension superhuman ace killer "Close Call! Winding of Ultra Seven" (June 25, 2004) saber tyrant Alien Magma, hell Alien Hipporito alien , monster tyrant Tyrant "Cold formidable enemy of the winding" (June 28, 2004) hyperspace wave monster Kuinmezado, illusion Ultraman agglutinin "Amazing'll! Winding of Ultra Magic Ray" (June 29, 2004) Phantom super beast dream Gila scan "Because everyone are! Maki" (June 30, 2004) ruin Majin Zebubu "Wanted monster of winding of the universe" (Jul 1 日 年 2004) L85 alien Zakkaru, cruel monster Gamos "Summer is it! 'S sea!' S monster! Maki" (July 2, 2004) large octopus monster Dagaru, large crab monster Ganza "Vertical! Life a person of winding" (July 5, 2004) fake Ultraman Gaia, metal life Mimosu "Makeover! Winding of large reversal" (July 6, 2004) metal life form Mimosu "Monster that Dharma's colon!? Maki" (July 7, 2004) Herculean strength monster Shirubagon "It's a clash! Brother tag Maki" (July 8, 2004) brother monster gallon, brother monster liter "Winding of Jumbo King secret" (July 9, 2004) the strongest super-beast Jumbo King "Hot hot guy! Maki" (July 12, 2004) Natural control machine operation (Honooyama) "Weapon is behind! Maki" (July 13, 2004) Ancient Monster Gomorrah "Dear Ultraman Boy-like winding" (July 14, 2004) ancient monster Gomorrah II "Fear Sukisuki Attack! Maki of" (July 15, 2004) Space crane Laurent, saber tyrant Alien Magma "! My name is Burakiumu Maki" (July 16, 2004) and ( new imaging : huge variant Beast Satanbizo VS black hole monster Burakiumu VS Sophie ) "Monster? Winding of my home" (July 19, 2004) underground monster Mogedon "Super awesome! Ultra-beast-superhuman combination of winding" (July 20, 2004) underground super beast Gitagitanga, underground people underground Mon "Uchikudake! Winding of super alloy" (July 21, 2004) robot monster Gamerotto "Love is winding like a storm" (July 22, 2004) balloon ship super beast Baddobaaron "! This is justice Red & Blue Maki" (July 23, 2004) and ( new imaging : black hole monster Burakiumu VS Sophie) "More big! More strongly! Maki" (July 26, 2004) gluttonous monster Mottokureron "Huge! Monster figure? Maki" (July 27, 2004) work monster Gazera "Original!? Winding failures success" (July 28, 2004) Space Ninja Vartan Alien second generation "Oh, melancholy alien Maki" (July 29, 2004) three sides Phantom Dada "It's a combined technique! Ultra Hero of the wound" (July 30, 2004) "Winding hot soul aim of the universe" (August 2, 2004) Ultra variant evolution monster Zonbogu "Now is wrapped in thread ...! Of the wound" (August 3, 2004) protean monster King snail "Winding of the combined force demon extermination" (August 4, 2004) demon monster onion "Part of the confrontation! Aerial curb brawl" (August 5, 2004) waves Phantom Bell Alien "This is the winding of Raidomeka Super GUTS" (August 6, 2004) "It is twice that is three times!? Maki" (August 9, 2004) Ultra ancient monster Golza II "Boy of mind to challenge? Of the wound" (August 10, 2004) malicious alien Mefirasu Alien "Challenger to the heart, again Maki" (August 11, 2004) malicious alien Mefirasu Alien (second generation) "Watch out! Winding ultra beast melody" (August 12, 2004) violin super beast Gigon "! Opening Ultra Olympic Maki" (August 13, 2004) ( new imaging : Sophie, grotesque alien kettle alien, ghost Phantom ghost alien) "Monkeys fall from the tree? Maki" (August 16, 2004) Space Ape Man Goron Alien "Korezo mystery of the sea!? Maki" (August 17, 2004) deep sea monster Reironsu "Blue Earth and the black cloud of the wound" (August 18, 2004) Space Monster Mururoa "Earth to Resound! Ultra bell winding" (August 19, 2004) Space Monster Mururoa "!'ll's Ambush strategy of winding" (August 20, 2004) ( new imaging : grotesque alien kettle Alien, black hole monster Burakiumu) "Thankfully Ya! Strongest backer of the wound" (August 23, 2004) whip arm monster Zurasuima "Emergency game! Burning Man blow Maki" (August 24, 2004) plant monster Kendorosu "Winding of put the heart to the mechanical" (August 25, 2004) huge mechanical doll Gobunyu (Oguma) "Winding of Beware the big corner" (August 26, 2004) apartment monster Kings Tron "Sophie winding of good technique of captain" (August 27, 2004) volcano Kaitori Burdon "Winding of a wing to your back" (August 30, 2004) High-speed monster Dekisadoru "Thief winding of the beginning of the monster?" (August 31, 2004) thief monster Dorobon "Ultra mind not stolen! Maki" (September 1, 2004) thief monster Dorobon "Rampage! Naughtiness Monster Maki" (September 2, 2004) balloon monster Bango "! Now what turns of the ambush strategy" (September 3, 2004) ( new imaging : grotesque alien kettle Alien, metal life Arugyurosu (fake Ultraman 80), frozen monster Gigas (Minoru), huge deformed beast Satanbizo (big brother ), Ultraman 80 (teacher)) "You Oasis hero! Maki" (September 6, 2004) metal life form Apate "invisible enemy, the heart of winding invisible" (September 7, 2004) ninja monster Satan "Winding of green everyone living" (September 8, 2004) Ultra ancient plant Gijera "Reporting! Winding than Earth" (September 9, 2004) large crab super beast King Club "Winding of ultra ancient Ultra Hero" (September 10, 2004) "I came back! Wound from Mars" (September 13, 2004) zombie monster Shiriza "The song wound of beyond the universe" (September 14, 2004) song like monster Orufi, Space Phantom Khan Alien "That child and fight!? How try Maki" (September 15, 2004) death candle monster Femigon "What you want to eat if you go to Earth!? Maki" (September 16, 2004) kappa super beast King Copper "Monster fighter, its name is winding of Icarus" (September 17, 2004) different dimension alien Icarus Alien , the legendary monster Wu, alter ego alien guts alien, ray monster Keira, space monkey who Goron Alien "Victory! Third time honest Maki" (September 20, 2004) blue foam monster Aborasu "Welcome! Wound to the universe" (September 21, 2004) Ultra synthesis beast Neodaranbia II "Winding of the devil alight like an angel" (September 22, 2004) root ruin angel zone ing (first form) "The last of the force is love power winding" (September 23, 2004) root ruin angel zone ing (second form) "! Izayuke proud lion of the wound" (September 24, 2004) ( new imaging : huge atypical beast Satanbizo, metal life Arugyurosu (Nisezofi), Ultraman Leo, Sophie) "Winding of Ultra ties forever" (September 27, 2004) spoiled brat monster Zandoriasu, parent monster mother Than Doria scan "Neo Hero! Neos Maki" (September 28, 2004) Notamashi alien Zam Alien, Space ore monster Dorengeran "The 21st century is of 21 of the era winding" (September 29, 2004) Notamashi alien Zam Alien, Space ore monster Dorengeran "Announcement! Winding dream Battle Best 3" (September 30, 2004) "Sing! Winding in a loud voice" (October 1, 2004)

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