Ultraman Cosmos: The First Contact (2001)
Ultrmn Csms Frst Cntct pstr
Directed by: Toshihiro Iijima
Produced by: Tsuburaya Productions
Written by: Toshihiro Iijima
Starring: Kounosuke Tokai

Hidekazu Akai

Ikkei Watanabe

Taro Kawano

Takanosuke Toukai

Mainoumi Shuhei

Shingo Kazami

Emiri Nakayama

Music by: Toru Fuyuki
Cinematography: N/a
Editing by: N/a
Distributed by: N/a
Release Date(s) August 3, 2001
Running time 90 min
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Ultraman Cosmos: The First Contact (ウルトラマンコスモス THE FIRST CONTACT - Urutoraman Kosmosu Za Fasto Kontakuto) is Ultraman Cosmos theatrical film adaptation, was released in Japan on August 3, 2001. It is a tokusatsu film series based on the Ultraman franchise, it also celebrates the 35th anniversary of the franchise. It is direct prequel to the original Ultraman Cosmos television series.

The film's slogan is "You can become a hero!".


One of the very first Ultra Series films made in the 21st Century, This movie tells the tale between the bond of Musashi & Ultraman Cosmos himself, before 8 years till the TV series.


In space, Ultraman Cosmos is in battle with Baltan to stop his invasion of Earth. A young boy named Musashi who is a 5th grader who has a lot of dreams, such as becoming an astronaut to sail the sea of stars, and meet Ultraman. One night he comes to the forest park to observe eclipse with his friends. Unfortunately it rains, so everybody goes home except Musashi. Meanwhile, in the rain, Ultraman Cosmos is at the battle with Baltan to stop him to invade the cities. They both use their powers to clash each other. After the explosion, they fall in different directions. Later Musashi went to see what happen in the forest. Ultraman Cosmos who had lost lots of energy during the battle, comes in front of Musashi.
Ultraman Cosmos regained the power with the help of Musashi. Before Cosmos leaves Earth, he gives a mysterious blue bright stone to Musashi. Later on Earth,
Baltan awakens a monster called Don Ron from hibernation, which was put into sleep again by the SRC organization. However, the military robbed the blue stone from Musashi, which was later retrieved by Mari (a friend of Musashi) under the help of a Child Baltan.

Baltan makes an official broadcast through the help of an interpreter at SRC, stating that he would like to co-exist with the people living on Earth and will have a negotiation with the humans. Despite SRC's effort to smooth out the negotiation, the military had abruptly turned things to worse when they attacked the alien forcing it into an unstoppable rage. At the next morning the SRC team leads with the other crowd to put Baltan to sleep, but the situation only gets worsened when SHARKS shoots Baltan and woke him up. Angry, Baltan unleashes an assault to SHARKS and the Earth and proclaims he never trust to the Humans and lead forward to his invasion.

The enraged Baltan then declared that he would conquer the Earth in response to the hostile action. In order to save both sides from an unimaginable disaster, Ultraman Cosmos is again summoned by the determined Musashi to stop Baltan's rampage. Although the initial attempts to stop Baltan were successful, the alien changed into his stronger fighting form that overpowered Cosmos. In return, Cosmos changed into his Corona form to counter it. Eventually, Baltan is subdued with a Blazing Wave attack by Cosmos. Realizing that he has ruined the chance of his offspring to have a new planet to live on because of what he has done, Baltan killed himself with an internal explosion. At this time, Cosmos changed back to his Luna form to return Baltan from his battle form and transport the dead body of the alien back to the hands of his offspring. However, during this peaceful moment, the military planned a missile attack on Cosmos but was thwarted by the combined efforts of Musashi and his father.

With the Earth saved, Ultraman Cosmos tells Musashi that they will meet again someday before leaving Earth.


  • Musashi Haruno: Kounosuke Tokai
  • Ultraman Cosmos (Suit Actor): Hiroyuki Okano, Yasuhiro Mashita
  • Yujiro Haruno (Musashi's Father): Hidekazu Akai
  • Defense Army (Sharks)- Commander Shigemura: Ikkei Watanabe
  • Captain Akatsuki: Kawano Tarō
  • Raiden : Mainoumi Shūhei
  • Kyohko: Emiri Nakayama
  • Icninose: Shingo Kazami
  • Kido: Takanosuke Toukai
  • Sakaguchi: Hitomi Takahashi
  • Ultraman Cosmos (Voice): Hisanori Koyatsu
  • Baltan (Basical) (voice): Daisuke Gōri, Yukitoshi Hori



  • Ending theme:
  • Ultraman Cosmos ~Something You Can Do~(~Kimi Ni Dekiru Nani Ka~)
    • Lyricist = Matsui Gorou
    • Composer = Suzuki Kisaburou
    • Arranger = Kyouta Seiichi
    • Singer = Project D.M.M.


  • This film was featured in episode 144 of New Ultraman Retsuden Heroes of Light, Ultra Hero Legends.
  • First debut of Ultraman Cosmos' other mode: Corona Mode.
  • Ultraman Cosmos is the first all-blue Ultraman who debuted in a movie.
  • This is Ultraman Cosmos's first appearance in the Ultra Series franchise.


  • In the battle against Neo Baltan, Cosmos's color timer does not blink after 3 minutes. It was possibly Cosmos was given an endurance of his time limit on Earth or unknown.

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