Ultraman Dual
Ultraman Dual cover
Writer: Kouji Mishima
Illustrator: Masayuki Gotou
Number of Pages:
ISBN Number: 978-4152096234
Release Date: January 1, 2016
Book Type: Novel
Price: 2,160 Yen
Volume Number: 2
Previous Volume: Return to Tatara Island: Ultra Monster Anthology
Next Volume: Ultraman F

Ultraman Dual (ウルトラマンデュアル Urutoraman Deyuaru?) is the second novel from the TSUBURAYA X HAYAKAWA UNIVERSE collaboration series after Return to Tatara Island: Ultra Monster Anthology and later followed by Ultraman F. This novel serves as an alternate continuity in-between the finale of Ultraman and the beginning of Ultraseven.

Summary Edit

The Land of Light is being invaded by the Vendalista Aliens, and the governments of the world have declared Earth neutral to the conflict. This neutrality is stretched thin when an Ultra Saint/Holy Woman crashes outside of Tokyo

Several Humans side with the Ultra Saint, against the wishes of the Government, who hold to the position that as an alien she too is considered an Invader. The saint takes her followers, those who renounced their national citizenship, the Land of Light Enclave, into space via a chunk of the Earth she removed.


Resources Edit

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