Ultraman Elite
Human Host/Form: None
Height: None
Weight: None
Age: None
Home world: None
Voice actor(s): None
Suit actor(s): None
First Appearance: Ultraman Live Show 4D
Last Appearance: Ultraman Live Show 4D
Number of Appearances: N/A (various stage shows)
Race: Ultras
Status: N/A
Family: None
Affiliation: Ultraman Millennium

Dark Ultraman

Ultraman Elite (อุลตราแมน ยอด, Xultrāmæn Xyd?) was one of the unofficial Ultras created by Chaiyo Productions of Thailand for the show Ultraman Millennium in a project named Project Ultraman. Elite was also scheduled to appear in the Project Ultraman movie. He was presumably meant to replace Millennium as the protagonist for the show once he debuted, though this was never actually made clear, but of which was the case in the Ultraman Live Show 4D.


He was to appear alongside Millennium and Dark Ultraman in the Project Ultraman series. What he entailed was truly unknown.



For some mysterious reason, all of Elite's stats are set to none.

  • Height: --
  • Weight: --
  • Age: --
  • Human Host: Ekin Cheng (actor's name)
  • Transformation Item: Beta Capsule-like device

Body Features

  • Eyes: Perhaps the most unique feature of Elite's anatomy, his eyes are blue in color, similar to Millennium's, but shaped in a rhombus-like structure.
  • Color Timer: Elite possesses a Color Timer, flat in shape.


  • Hand Ray (Name Unknown): A green ray shot from his fists. It was powerful enough to take down Alien Elbow, the live show's main villian.

Human Host


Elite's host portrayed by Ekin Cheng

Elite's human host was to be portrayed by actor and singer Ekin Cheng, who too wielded a Beta Capsule-like device to transform into his Ultra form.


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