Ultraman Fighting Evolution
Ultraman Fighting Evolution
Developer(s): Banpresto
Publisher(s): Banpresto
Release date: 1998
Genre: Fighting Mode
Game modes: Single Player

Multi Player

Ratings: A (All ages) (In accordance to Japan's CERO)
Platform(s): Playstation
Succeeded by: Ultraman Fighting Evolution 2

Ultraman Fighting Evolution (ウルトラマン Fighting Evolution - Urutoraman Fighting Evolution) is a fighting game. It was developed and published by Banpresto. It was the first Ultraman Fighting Evolution Series game, spawning many sequels.

Game ModesEdit

  • Arcade Mode
  • Versus Mode
  • Viewing Mode
  • Training Mode
  • Option Mode

Playable CharactersEdit


Aliens and MonstersEdit


  • City Day
  • City Night
  • Kobe Harbour
  • Lake


  • This is the only Ultraman Fighting Evolution game in which Alien Metron is a playable character. However, he later appeared in Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Colisseum DX for Wii.
  • Even though Ultraman Taro appears as a playable character in this game, none of the monsters from the following series were featured.
    • Same goes for Ace Killer and Alien Magma.


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