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Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3
ウルトラマン Fighting Evolution 3
Developer(s): Banpresto
Publisher(s): Banpresto
Release date: Dec 2, 2004
Genre: Fighting
Game modes: Single Player

Multi Player

Ratings: A (All ages) (In accordance to Japan's CERO)
Platform(s): Playstation 2
Succeeded by: Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth

Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 (ウルトラマン Fighting Evolution 3 - Urutoraman Fighting Evolution 3) also called "Ultraman FE3" is a Fighting game developed and published by Banpresto. it is the 3rd in the Ultraman Fighting Evolution series. The direction is provided by Yuji Machi, who acted as Ultraman Tiga's voice actor as well.

Game ModesEdit

Ultra ModeEdit

In this mode you will fight various monster/alien from the TV Show and Movies, not only that you will unlock a character and new story. List of the story:

Battle ModeEdit

In this mode, you can choose any Ultras or Monster as you fight against 5 characters.

VS ModeEdit

In this mode, you can select Ultraman and Monsters to fight each other with your friends.

Tag ModeEdit

In this mode you select any Ultras with your friends as you fight against 5 character the last boss will be Gatanozoa.

Custom ModeEdit

In this mode you can change any skills/abilities for the Ultras or the Monster.

Pratice ModeEdit

In this mode you can train or learn basic moves.

Tutorial ModeEdit

In this mode you will play as Ultraman Taro as you learn the controls.

View ModeEdit

In this Mode, you will be able to Viewing any Ultras, Mechas or Monsters Infos.

Replay ModeEdit

In this mode, you can replay the battles that you had played in Arcade Mode or Versus Mode.

Option ModeEdit

You able to change settings that available in the game

Playable CharactersEdit

Returning CharactersEdit


Monsters/Aliens/Fake UltrasEdit

New CharactersEdit


Monsters/Aliens/Fake UltrasEdit



  • Construction Site
  • Matsumoto Castle
  • Science Patrol Base
  • Kobe Harbor
  • City (Dawn W/ Sword Arena, Ultra Mode only)
  • City (Dawn)
  • City (Rain)
  • Gas Tank
  • Planet Golgota
  • Neptune
  • Uranus
  • Saturn
  • Jupiter
  • Moon
  • Mars
  • Mountain Kirimon
  • SRC Space Station
  • Antarctica
  • Plains
  • City (Night)
  • City (Day)
  • Monster Island
  • Tsunami Tokyo city
  • R'lyeh
  • Highway (Dawn if the battle is too long, the stage time will turned into nighttime)
  • Inside Gan-Q (Ultra Mode only)

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  • Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3 has the most amount of playable characters out of the entire Ultraman Fighting Evolution series, a total of 40 characters are avaliable.
  • Ultraman Legend cannot be saved on a Memory Card due to his ability to destroy all opponents with a single special attack. The only way he can be saved is by using save files and an Action Replay MAX.
  • Although not appearing in the game Ultraman Dark and Ultraman Millenium sometimes appeared in the boxart cover in different regional areas. This is most likely due to the conflict between Tsuburaya and Chaiyo Productions.
  • In the game, Ultraman Cosmos Luna Mode cannot perform any attacks. He only can deflect back the enemy's attack by pressing the same button as the enemy's (while the enemy is pressing O, then the 1p who use Cosmos must press the O button immidiately). Once the enemy's hit gauge is full, Cosmos will automatically unleash a hard attack, knocking the enemy down for a special attack.
  • This is the first time when the Heisei Ultras are playable.
  • Despite being the third entry to the Ultraman Fighting Evolution series, some of the new and old characters are clones of pre-existing characters from Ultraman Fighting Evolution 2 or are clones of other new characters.
  • Cosmos Corona Mode is not playable in this game.
  • Being the most popular character in the Heisei Ultraman series, Ultraman Tiga replaces Ultraman as the default character on selection screens despite not being the newest.
  • Errors:
    • Ultraman Tiga Glitter Mode's Glitter Shield in this game is full of gold, like in the Final Odyssey. While, in the series the Glitter Shield is solely and just like Multi Type. It could be for anyone not mistakenly Glitter Mode for Multi Type like in the series.
    • Ultraman Dyna only can change form Miracle Type to Strong Type and vice versa by transforming to Flash Type. However, in this game Ultraman Dyna can change to another type without need to change into Flash Type.
    • Ultraman Cosmos should can't change to Eclipse Mode without change into Corona Mode. But because the medium budget they can't make Corona Mode and skipped it. Corona Mode will be use for Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth.
    • Ace Killer has grunts.
    • Zoffy's grunt in the game was a reused Father of Ultra's grunt. While in the series, his grunt was same as Ultraman's.
    • Zoffy and Ultraman Jack's color timer sounds are same. While in the series, Zoffy's color timer was same as Ultraman's and Ultraman Jack's color timer was a high pitched sound of Ultraman's.
    • Agul's fighting stance in the game was an "arrogant" standing position. While in the series his fighting stance was similar to Gaia's.
    • In Ultraman's story mode mission, "Goodbye, Ultraman", when Ultraman goes into Zoffy's Travel Sphere, if you look closely, Ultraman's timer is blue, despite having his energy drained by Zetton. This is only when Zoffy is the one who defeats Zetton.
  • Twin Tail cannot perform any grab attacks (X button).
  • Some of the monsters are not playable, which are:
    • Silverbloome is not playable because of his position located in the air, which making it hard to control the monster.
    • Zorlim is not playable because of his location is in air and also his attack only fireballs.
    • Gatanozoa is not playable because he can't move and he has an instant kill special move, like Ultraman Legend.
  • Gatanozoa and Silverbloome can be played with cheat engine with change value to 37 and 38.
  • Zorlim also can be set in its value(39) in cheat engine but will lead to the game crash.
  • When a battle start, the sound is the sound effects of the Reflasher.

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