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Ultraman Forever.

In commemoration for Ultraman's 50th year anniversary durring 2014, Thailand based company Chaiyo Productions plans to release a 6-season boxset, more than 325 episodes, of the Ultraman series in the United States. The official site is now taking reservations. The boxset includes Ultraman (1966–1967), Ultra Seven (1967–1968), The Return of Ultraman / Ultraman Jack (1971–1972), Ultraman Ace (1972–1973), Ultraman Taro (1973–1974), and Ultraman Leo (1974–1975). So far, no release date and price had been announced as of writing. Other products listed on the official Ultraman Forever website are a 50th Anniversary Collector's Book, a collection of Classic Ultraman Action Posters, and a catalog of Tohl Narita's original Ultraman Art Collection.

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