Ultraman G
Format: Manga
Created by: Kazuhiko Shimamoto
Country Of Origin Japan
Number Of Chapters 1 Volume
Original Air Date TBA
Preceded by TBA
Succeeded by TBA
Ultraman G, also called Ultraman Great is the manga adaption of Ultraman: Towards the Future. It was drawn by manga artist Kazuhiko Shimamoto, who also did the Manga adaption for Kamen Rider ZO and the Manga Hero Company.


The story is the same as the TV series, however everything is shorter and moves at a faster pace.


UMA (Universal Multipurpose Agency)

Main article: UMA (Universal Multipurpose Agency)
  • Colonel Arthur Grant: The head of UMA. When General Brewer arrives at UMA headquarters, Grant contests command and triumphs. Grant also serves as the narrator of the story.
  • Jean Echo: One of the two female members of UMA and a love interest for Jack Shindo.
  • Lloyd Wilder: The toughest member of UMA. Also the most skeptical member of the team, especially when it comes to Shindo's behavior.
  • Charles Morgan:UMA's scientific/technical expert and the team's comedy relief. Has a thing for Jean.
  • Kim Shaomin: An Asian girl, one of the two female members of UMA. An excellent pilot.
  • Jack Shindo and Ultraman Great - An astronaut who, on his expedition to Mars, lost his partner Stanley Haggard in a fight between Gudis and Ultraman Great, who, after defeating the monster (who escapes to Earth), combines with Shindo to save him from being stranded on Mars. After mysteriously returning to Earth, Shindo joins UMA as a member, although his astronaut work was somehow related to UMA, to help the team with the Gudis threat, among other monster/alien-related calamities, since he shares Great's psyche. Although somewhat reluctant to be combined with Great, as he does not like being constantly under his teammates's suspicion, he nonetheless takes this responsibility. Shindo transforms into Ultraman Great by activating the Delta Plasma Pendant, which is shaped like Great's Color-Timer warning light.


  • Gudis,
  • Brodz/Bogun
  • Gigasaurus
  • Gerukadon
  • Degunja/Degola
  • Barrangas
  • Gazebo/Zebokon
  • Majaba and Majama
  • Bios
  • The Vegoids
  • Ryugulo
  • Veronica
  • UF-0, spoken as "UF-Zero
  • Kodalar/Kudara
  • Kilazee/Shiralee

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