Ultra Hero Series


Ultra Hero 500



HG Series

  • Hg-series-vol-30-ultraman-jack
    Ultraman Jack (Warera, Ultra Senshi Hen)

Part of the 30th volume of the HG Series, this Ultraman Jack figure is based on his heroic stance.

  • Hg-series-volume-49-ultraman-jack
    Ultraman Jack (Mebius & Ultra Brothers: Eien no yuusha tachi hen)

Part of the 49th volume of the HG Series, this new mold of Ultraman Jack figure includes transparent eyes.

HG Gaiden

  • HG-gaiden-ultraman-jack
    Ultraman Jack (HG Gaiden)

Another new mold of the Ultraman Jack figure, with red gloves and boots, based on his appearance in Steal the Ultra Life! in Ultraman Taro.

  • Hg-gaiden-ultraman-jack-flattened
    Ultraman Jack (Flattened, HG Gaiden)

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