Ultraman Ken's Brother


Ultraman Jack (ウルトラマンジャック Urutoraman Jakku?) is the villainous older brother of the Father of Ultra, who was was envious that his brother was picked over him for the title of the Space Garrison's Great Commander (大隊長 Dai Taichō?), a position given by Ultraman King. In retaliation, he started his own "New Space Garrison" and made himself its dictator, with the designation to eradicate from the universe from all he considered to be villains, including any one who he considered hostile towards himself. He only appeared in the 1979 Tetsuji Kataoka manga Ultra Brothers Story.[1]


  • This Jack is different from Ultraman Jack, as he was still known as "New Man" at the time of this manga, while this Jack is Father of Ultra's older brother.
  • Due to being envious of Father of Ultra being the Commander of Space Garrison (a concept that may have been reused for Ultraman Belial), he established a New Space Garrison and declared himself the New Commander.
  • His renegade faction was eventually squelched, and he would be killed by Ultraseven.


  • While his name was later used for "New Ultraman" years later after his debut, there is no relevance between the two.[3]