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Ultraman Max
Ultraman Max is the 18th entry in the Ultra Series
Max opening
Format: Tokusatsu, Science fiction
Created by: Tsuburaya Productions
Starring: Sota Aoyama, Shusuke Kaneko, Kai Shishido, Hitomi Hasebe, Hikari Mitsushima
Opening Theme: Ultraman Max
Ending Theme: NO LIMITED
Country Of Origin Japan
Number Of Episodes 39 (40 with special)
Running Time Approx. 24 mins per episode
Original Channel Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting
Original Air Date July 2, 2005
Preceded by Ultraman Nexus
Succeeded by Ultraman Mebius
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1.Ultraman Max Arrives! (ウルトラマンマックス誕生! Urutoraman Makkusu Tanjō!)

Summary: A volcano erupts, and the area is evacuated. Nobody except one boy knows a monster is hiding in the mountainside. Kaito, a volunteer, accidentally gains a new power, while another threat is discovered. Who is the giant?

Kaiju/Seijin: Grangon, Lagoras

US TV Premiere: February 27, 2017

2. The Girl Who Keeps a Monster (怪獣を飼う女 Kaijū o Kau On'na)

Summary: A monster appears and vanishes briefly at night, but no trace of it can be found later. A lonely woman, however, has a very strange pet...

Kaiju/Seijin: Eleking

US TV Premiere: February 27, 2017

3. Proof of a Brave Man (勇士の証明 Yūshi no Shōmei)

Summary: Ultraman Max is regarded with some suspicion. Kaito is determined to prove the ultra, when he finds he can't transform. What is the problem?

Kaiju/Seijin: Reguila

US TV Premiere: February 28, 2017

4. Infinite Invaders (無限の侵略者 Mugen no Shinryakusha)

Summary: A mysterious signal picks up, as an alien murders several humans. Will DASH be able to apprehend it, and what are its goals?

Kaiju/Seijin: Alien Sran

US TV Premiere: February 28, 2017

5. Monster Island Appears! (出現、怪獣島! Shutsugen, Kaijūtō!)

Summary: A mysterious island appears in the Pacific, and on it are strange stones and monsters. What secrets does it hold?

Kaiju/Seijin: Pigmon, Salamadon, Redking

US TV Premiere: March 01, 2017

6. 5 Seconds Before Bombing (爆撃、5秒前 Bakugeki, Gobyō Mae)

Summary: Red King rampages, while DASH must keep the island from colliding from Japan. Their plan is desperate, and makes the situation much more urgent.

Kaiju/Seijin: Red King, Pigmon, Paragler

US TV Premiere: March 01, 2017

7. The Star Destroyer (星の破壊者 Hoshi no Hakaisha)

Summary: DASH investigates a wormhole landing, while Mizuki meets up with a strange man. His goals, however, are unknown, and he is bleeding green blood..

Kaiju/Seijin: Kesam

US TV Premiere: March 02, 2017

8. DASH Annihilated!? (DASH 壊滅!? Dasshu Kaimetsu!?)

Summary: A meteorite lands and life signals are found inside it. Nobody can seem to catch the alien as it drains people's life energy. Max is the only one left to stop it.

Kaiju/Seijin: Bugdalas

US TV Premiere: March 02, 2017

9. The Dragon's Lover (龍の恋人 Ryū no Koibito)

Summary: A mysterious creature is sighted in a lake with a legend of a dragon. DASH investigates, but it turns out to be a fraud. And yet, Kaito is not sure....

Kaiju/Seijin: Natsunomeryu

US TV Premiere: March 03, 2017

10. Young DASH (少年DASH Shōnen Dasshu)

Summary: DASH is holding its kids tour, when a monster with the ability to teleport randomly appears. One child seems to know its secret, however..

Kaiju/Seijin: Metacisus

US TV Premiere: March 03, 2017

11. Prophecy of Baradhi (バラージの予言 Barāji no Yogen)

Summary: A seemingly invincible monster arrives, predicted by an ancient prophecy. The prophecy, however, may hold the key to its defeat.

Kaiju/Seijin: Antlar

US TV Premiere: March 06, 2017

12. Pursuit at Supersonic Speed (超音速の追撃 Chō Onsoku no Tsuigeki)

Summary: The Bad Scanners release an album, which a monster targets. Max is unable to defeat the new monster, but DASH has a plan..

Kaiju/Seijin: Halen

US TV Premiere: March 06, 2017

13. Zetton's Daughter (ゼットンの娘 Zetton no Musume)

Summary: Natsumi Oda visits the base with a message from Alien Zetto, whom she claims is her father. The message: that the Zetton monster will kill Max!

Kaiju/Seijin: Alien Zetton, Zetton

US TV Premiere: March 07, 2017

14. Love and King Joe (恋するキングジョー Koi Suru Kingu Jō)

Summary: Four space fighters have landed on earth, and a man finds his robot completed. Meanwhile, Alien Zetton has been visiting his daughter...

Kaiju/Seijin: Alien Zetton, King Joe

US TV Premiere: March 07, 2017

15. Miracle of the Third Planet (第三番惑星の奇跡 Dai Sanban Wakusei no Kiseki)

Summary: From a harmless blob is released a kaiju like no other: one that hurls back what it attacked with as a new power. Max is no match, but a little girl may hold the key to the earth's safety.

Kaiju/Seijin: IF

US TV Premiere: March 08, 2017

16. Who am I? (わたしはだあれ? Watashi wa Daare)

Summary: From three meteorites have come monsters, sucking people's memories in electromagnetic ways. Even Max falls prey.

Kaiju/Seijin: Mike, Kuro, and Tama

US TV Premiere: March 08, 2017

17. Ice Beauty (氷の美女 Kōri no Bijo)

Summary: A human-like being is found in a crevice, but from 100,000 years ago. What is the mystery behind her?

Kaiju/Seijin: Nina, Eraga

US TV Premiere: March 09, 2017

18. Bright World (アカルイセカイ Akarui Sekai)

Summary: Earth suddenly has two suns, and it's never night. What is the Alien Shamer's scheme? Crunchyroll summary

Kaiju/Seijin: Alien Shamer

US TV Premiere: March 09, 2017

19. Person Coming from the Door (扉より来たる者 Tobira yori Kitaru Mono)

Summary: Max dreams about an ancient encounter with an alien. Meanwhile, Yoshinaga is called because some excavators have discovered what seems to be an ancient puzzle...

Kaiju/Seijin: Alien Tarla, Gilfas

US TV Premiere: March 10, 2017

20. Drifting Monster (怪獣漂流 Kaijū Hyōryū)

Summary: An aerial monster appears from hyperspace. DASH needs to keep it from crashing down on the city.

Kaiju/Seijin: Cloudos

US TV Premiere: March 10, 2017

21. Challenge from Underground (地底からの挑戦 Chitei kara no Chōsen)

Summary: Strange monsters, identified as Gomorasaurases, are spotted. A female reporter believes they are smuggled in by an organization developing bioweapons. She leads DASH to where she believes a monster nest is...

Kaiju/Seijin: Gomora

US TV Premiere: March 13, 2017

22. Butterfly Dream (胡蝶の夢 Kochō no Yume)

Summary: Kaito meets a writer and a mysterious woman. But what is a dream, and what is reality?

Kaiju/Seijin: Madeus

US TV Premiere: March 13, 2017

23. Youth Again (甦れ青春 Yomigaere Seishun)

Summary: Kaito goes along with Tomioka inspect UDF Base Poseidon. There, the Chief reunites with old friends, but is interrupted by a monster.

Kaiju/Seijin: Flygler

US TV Premiere: March 14, 2017

24. The Untargeted Town (狙われない街 Nerawarenai Machi) SMOKING

Summary: People start suddenly becoming violent for brief periods of time, to a mysterious cause. Could an alien be behind it?

Kaiju/Seijin: Alien Metron

US TV Premiere: March 14, 2017

25. A Distant Friend (遥かなる友人 Haruka Naru Yūjin) DEATH

Summary: An alien named Kiif comes to Earth. The young boy Kakeru encourages him to stay and live as a human. Crunchyroll summary

Kaiju/Seijin: Alien Neril, Alien Godley

US TV Premiere: March 15, 2017

26. Elly of Christmas (クリスマスのエリー Kurisumasu no Erī)

Summary: Elly gets involved with Dr. Kori, who is trying to trap the mysterious Unizin.

Kaiju/Seijin: Unizin

US TV Premiere: March 15, 2017

27. The Taken Max Spark (奪われたマックススパーク Ubawareta Makkusu Supāku) VIOLENCE

Summary: Police find an unconscious man near a larval Eleking. DASH must find and destroy the other larval Elekings before they become monsters. Crunchyroll summary

Kaiju/Seijin: Alien Pitt, Eleking

US TV Premiere: March 16, 2017

28. Attack of the Evil (邪悪襲来 Jaaku Shūrai)BLOOD

Summary: A terrible alien, Luganoger, attacks an earth-like planet and exterminates all its inhabitants but one. She flees to earth, but the monster follows, and Max must stop it..

Kaiju/Seijin: Luganoger, Lilika

US TV Premiere: March 16, 2017

29. Why Monsters Appear (怪獣は何故現れるのか Kaijū wa Naze Arawareru Noka)

Summary: Why do monsters mainly appear in Japan? As a panel discusses this on a TV show, a monster heads for the studio. Crunchyroll Summary

Kaiju/Seijin: Geronga

US TV Premiere: March 17, 2017

30. Courage Is from the Heart (勇気を胸に Yūki o Mune ni)

Summary: Kaito wonders why Max chose him. Meanwhile, DASH discovers a mysterious Grangon corpse.Crunchyroll Summary

Kaiju/Seijin: Grangon, Lagoras

US TV Premiere: March 17, 2017

31. Burn! Earth!! (燃えつきろ! 地球!! Moe Tsukiro! Chikyū!!)

Summary: An alien attacks and infects the city, including DASH, with a virus.

Kaiju/Seijin: Moetaranga

US TV Premiere: March 20, 2017

32. Elly Destruction Directive (エリー破壊指令 Erī Hakai Shirei)

Summary: Elly is hacked and Base Titan shut down. Koba sets out in pursuit, but Elly may be used as a weapon...

Kaiju/Seijin: Kerus, Kedam

US TV Premiere: March 21, 2017

33. Welcome! To the Earth: Part 1: The Science of the Planet Baltan (ようこそ! 地球へ 前篇 バルタン星の科学 Yōkoso! Chikyū e Zenpen Barutan Sei no Kagaku)

Summary: A tiny alien has appeared on earth. Nobody believes her existence. Can she avert a great crisis?

Kaiju/Seijin: Dark Baltan, Tiny Baltan

US TV Premiere: March 21, 2017

34. Welcome! To the Earth: Part 2: Farewell! Alien Baltan (ようこそ! 地球へ 後篇 さらば!バルタン星人 Yōkoso! Chikyū e Kōhen Saraba! Barutan Seijin)

Summary: Ultraman Max is lost. Tsutomu desperately tries to bring Tiny Baltan to DASH. Crunchyroll episode summary

Kaiju/Seijin: Dark Baltan, Tiny Baltan

US TV Premiere: March 22, 2017

35. Adam and Eve of M32 Nebula (M32星雲のアダムとイブ Emu Sanjūni Seiun no Adamu to Ibu)

Summary: Monster refugees arrive from a recently destroyed planet in Nebula M32, and some kids take the young in. How will the guardian, Hophop, react?

Kaiju/Seijin: Hophop family

US TV Premiere: March 22, 2017

36. Alternate Dimension World (イジゲンセカイ Ijigen Sekai)

Summary: Dr. Yotsuya's experiments seem to have summoned Pigmon and Subject Phantom. What is Dr. Yotsuya's true goal? Crunchyroll summary

Kaiju/Seijin: Alien Shamer, Pigmon, Red King

US TV Premiere: March 23, 2017

37. Constellation Thief (星座泥棒 Seiza Dorobō)

Summary: A light-hating monster appears, while a mysterious man tells Mizuki she is descended from aliens who came to earth long ago.

Kaiju/Seijin: Alien Saturn, Keplus

US TV Premiere: March 23, 2017

38. Prelude to Ground Annihilation (地上壊滅の序曲 Chijō Kaimetsu no Jokyoku)

Summary: Max warns Kaito that he must leave Earth for Nebula M78 soon. Delos threatens to destroy all DASH bases unless humans give up on their civilization. Crunchyroll summary

Kaiju/Seijin: Berserkes, Auto Maton

US TV Premiere: March 24, 2017

39. Hold On To! Future (つかみとれ! 未来 Tsukami Tore! Mirai)

Summary: Max runs out of energy completely while battling Delos. DASH must find a way to restore Max's energy if humanity is to be saved. Crunchyroll summary

Kaiju/Seijin: Delos people, Giga Berserke, Auto Maton

US TV Premiere: March 24, 2017

40. To the Ultra Future (スペシャルフィナーレ ~ウルトラの未来へ~ Supesharu Fināre -Urutora no Mirai e-) ''''