Ultraman Millenium
Ultraman Millenium
Human Host/Form: Captain Shu of AET III
Height: 40 Meters
Weight: 40,000 Tons
Age: 2,000-2,600 yrs. old
Home world: None
Voice actor(s): None
Suit actor(s): None
First Appearance: Ultraman Live Show 4D
Last Appearance: None
Number of Appearances: None
Race: Ultras
Status: N/A
Family: None
Affiliation: AET III

Ultraman Elite

Ultraman Millenium (อุลตราแมน มิลเลนเนียม, Xultrāmæn Milleneīym?) was one of the Ultramen created by Chaiyo Productions of Thailand, under a project named Project Ultraman, which is claimed to be due to confusion with a contract made with Tsuburaya Productions. After the end of Tsuburaya's long legal battle against Chaiyo Productions, Ultraman Millenium's show and merchandise were canceled, including two other Ultras were made by Chaiyo, named Dark Ultraman and Ultraman Elite. A short piece of footage from the show was shown, and can be seen here. Ultraman Millenium's appearance is very similar, if not based on Ultraman Powered's.


  • Height: 40 m
  • Weight: 40,000 t
  • Age: From 2,000 to 2,600 years old
  • Human Host: Captain Shu from AET III, Mathew Dean (Actor's Name)
  • Transformation Item: Warp Changer

Human Host

For unknown reasons Millenium apparently was meant to have 2 human Hosts. One of Millenium's human hosts was going to be named Captain Shu. Unlike previous human hosts, this host was Thai instead of Japanese. He was in a group named AET III.

In the Ultraman Project, Millenium's Host was played by actor Mathew Dean. His transformation device was a Beta Capsule like object.

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History of Tsuburaya's legal battles against Chaiyo Productions, and the creation and cancellation of Ultraman Millenium, Ultraman Elite and Ultraman Dark.