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Ultraman Neos
Ultraman Neos is the 15th entry in the Ultra Series
Ultraman Neos Tittle crd
Format: Tokusatsu
Created by: Tsuburaya Productions,

Eiji Tsuburaya

Starring: Jun Takatsuki, Kyusaku Shimada, Shigeki Kagemaru, Taketora Morita, Atsuko Rukawa, Mika Sakamoto
Opening Theme: Ultraman Neos
Ending Theme: In your Heart
Country Of Origin Japan
Number Of Episodes 12
Running Time 26 minutes
Original Channel Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
Original Air Date November 22, 2000 – January 28, 2001
Preceded by Ultraman Nice
Succeeded by Ultraman Cosmos
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Ultraman Neos (ウルトラマンネオス Urutoraman Neosu?) is a Japanese tokusatsu show, being the 15th show in the Ultra Series produced by Tsuburaya Productions. Ultraman Neos was initially intended as a TV series but the project was shelved. Years later, Tsuburaya turned the concept into a 12-episode direct-to-video series. In spite of the appearance of similar designs and a cameo by Zoffy, the series is set in an alternate universe.

Toku premiered the series in the United States on May, 1, 2017.[1]


In the first decade of the 21st Century on Earth, the rising of the population results in low quality of life, as well the increasing number of ESP incidents and alien invasions. At Nebula M78, the information service of the Space Defense Force watches these phenomena and throughout the Space Security Service, a ramification of the group sent a warrior to Earth named Ultraman Neos and his commander Ultraseven 21 (ウルトラセブン21 Urutoraseben Tsū Wan?). Upon arriving on Earth, Ultraman Neos secretly merges with Genki Kagura to help HEART (Hi-tech Earth Alert Rescue Team) fight monsters both of terrestrial and extraterrestrial origin.

The general of the troop, even knowing the uncommon situation in the area, finds inadequate to take off the veteran Seven 21 of his rank and asks for support to the Yuhshi Shirei Bu (Warrior Command Group) of the Ultra War Unit. The organization selects the young warrior of the elite troop, Ultraman Neos, with Ultraseven 21 giving him support when necessary.

HEART Members

Main article: HEART

HEART, also spelt as HRT, stands for Hi-tech Earth Alert and Rescue Team.


  • Genki Kagura (神楽元気 Kagura Genki?): Jun Takatsuki (高槻純 Takatsuki Jun?)
  • Gonpachi Minato (港権八 Minato Gonpachi?): Kyusaku Shimada (嶋田久作 Shimada Kyusaku?)
  • Hironobu Uematsu (植松弘展 Uematsu Hironobu?): Shigeki Kagemaru (影丸茂樹 Kagemaru Shigeki?)
  • Takayoshi Hino (日野隆義 Hino Takayoshi?): Taketora Morita (森田猛虎 Morita Taketora?)
  • Nana Hayami (速水奈々 Hayami Nana?): Atsuko Rukawa (瑠川あつこ Rukawa Atsuko?)
  • Ayumi Kitabayashi (北林歩 Kitabayashi Ayumi?): Mika Sakamoto (坂本三佳 Sakamoto Mika?)
  • Yoko Fujiwara (藤原陽子 Yoko Fujiwara?): Satomi Murakami (村上聡美 Murakami Satomi?)
  • Kisaragi (如月 Kisaragi?): Sakae Kimura (木村栄 Kimura Sakae?)
  • Katagiri (片桐 Katagiri?): Wataru Shihodo (四方堂亘 Shihodo Wataru?)
  • Ultra Seven 21 (voice) (ウルトラセブン21 Urutorasebun 21?): Isshin Chiba (千葉一伸 Chiba Isshin?)
  • Narration: Ikuya Sawaki (沢木郁也 Sawaki Ikuya?)



Ultraman Neos00:31

Ultraman Neos

Ultraman Neos on TOKU


  • Ultraman Neos is the 1st series who has toys of the series produced before its actual run.
  • Ultraman Neos soundtracks is similar with Heisei Ultraseven soundtracks.


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