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Ultraman Nexus
Ultraman Nexus PS2 Cover
Developer(s): Bandai
Publisher(s): Bandai
Release date: May 26 2005
Genre: Fighting
Game modes: *Single Player
  • Multi Player
Ratings: CERO: All Ages
Platform(s): Playstation 2
Succeeded by: {{{sequel}}}
Ultraman Nexus is an action game that was based on Ultraman Nexus TV series. It was published by Bandai on May 26 2005. The game also includes characters from the film ULTRAMAN.

Game ModesEdit

Nexus ModeEdit

In this mode you play as the second Denuamist and the third Denuamist if the second Denuamist loses as you fight against several Space Beasts and Dark Ultras.

Night Raider ModeEdit

You will play as Kazuki Komon as you train as a Night Raider and face many missions.

VS ModeEdit

In this mode you can select Ultramen and Monsters to fight each other with your friends.

Battle ModeEdit

In this mode you can choose any Ultra or Monster as you fight against 5 characters.

Tag ModeEdit

In this mode you select any Ultra or Monster as you fight many monsters and ultras (it is a Survival Mode)

Option ModeEdit

You are able to change settings that are available in the game

Playable CharacterEdit

Night RaiderEdit

  • Kazuki Komon


  • 2nd Dunamist - Jun Himeya
  • 3rd Dunamist - Ren Senjyu


Dark UltrasEdit

Space BeastEdit


  • Even after loosing to Dark Faust, Mephisto and Zagi, if Faust, Mephisto or Zagi energy core blink red, it's still blink red even if the player's fight them for the second or third time.
    • But their game life won't be at full gauge even if Nexus has already damaging them in the first time.
  • If Himeya Jun loose in the game, then it will continue with Ren Senjyu. But if Ren also loose in the game, the player's will be fighting as Himeya again.
    • This also force the player to play as Junis mode again.


  • Ultraman The Next's Anphans form isn't available in this game, but his Junis form is.
  • Ultraman Nexus' Anphans, Junis, and Junis Blue forms are used to represent seperate characters.
  • Banpira doesn't actually appear in the game, only during the opening.
  • The menu can be change by itself from using Junis mode and the Night Raiders to Junis Blue mode with the Night Raiders.


External LinkEdit

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