Ultraman Orb: The Chronicle
Format: Tokusatsu, Sci-Fi
Created by: Tsuburaya Productions
Starring: Hideo Ishiguro
Opening Theme: Orb no Inori
Ending Theme: HERO
Country Of Origin Japan
Number Of Episodes To be added
Running Time Approximately 25 minutes
Original Channel TV Tokyo (Japan)
YouTube (International)
Original Air Date January 6th, 2018[1]
Preceded by Ultraman Geed
Succeeded by TBA

Ultraman Orb: The Chronicle (ウルトラマンオーブ THE CHRONICLE Urutoraman Ōbu Za Kuronikuru?) -(not to be confused with Ultraman Orb Chronicle)- is a series that tells the story of Ultraman Orb's adventures from Ultraman Orb up to Ultra Fight Orb. It will also feature Gai Kurenai, the navigator of the series, reflecting on some of the battles of his predecessors.[2]


  1. Fight! Ultraman Orb! (戦え! ウルトラマンオーブ! Tatakae! Urutoraman Ōbu?): Gai Kurenai introduces himself and showcases Orb's first three Fusion Up forms, along with some of the battles and capabilities of past Ultra Warriors.
  2. The Sunset Wanderer's Crash! Maga-Basser (夕陽の風来坊 激突! マガバッサー Yūhi no Fūraibō Gekitotsu! Maga Bassā?): SSP members Naomi, Jetta and Shin investigated a huge tornado that hits the city after spotting a giant bird. As they get there, another giant appears...
  3. The King Demon Beast of Earth - Maga-Grand King's Threat! (土塊の魔王 マガグランドキングの脅威! Tsuchikure no Maō Maga Gurando Kingu no Kyōi!?): A series of disappearances happened simultaneously in the city. While Shin investigates it, Jugglus Juggler releases Maga-Grand King.
  4. Monstrous Waters - Defeat Maga-Jappa! (怪獣水球 マガジャッパを倒せ Kaijū Suiki Maga Jappa wo Taose!?): Water supplies in the city begins to go foul as Gai discovers it to be the job of another King Demon Beast, Maga-Jappa.
  5. Maga-Pandon's Assault! - Beware of Fire in the Midsummer Sky (マガパンドン襲来! 真夏の空に火の用心 Maga-Pandon Shūrai Manatsu no Sora ni Hinoyōjin?): The temperature is increased greatly as a kaiju in the shape of the sun heats up the area. Ultraman Orb pushes it into space as a temporary solution, but he runs out of energy and is badly injured. While he is injured, the SSP look for a way to defeat the enemy.
  6. A Heart That Won't Flee - Hurricane Slash's Appearance! (逃げない心ハリケーンスラッシュ参上 Nigenai Kokoro Harikēn Surasshu Sanjō?): Naomi gets a call from a civilian who claims to be chasing an alien. After following her, it turns out be a trap and the civilian was an Alien Zetton in disguise, who calls himself Maddock. He is hiding Hyper Zetton in a building. Gai hearing the message sent to Jetta about the civilian, uses the location data on her phone to find her and rushes to save Naomi.
  7. Fierce Battle! Fusion Up Fight! (激闘!フュージョンアップファイト! Gekitō! Fyūjon Appu Faito!?): Gai showcases the remainder of his various forms, along with the capabilities of the Ultra Warriors he borrows his powers from.
  8. Ultraman Orb The Movie: Lend Me The Power of Bonds! Chapter 1: Sadeath's Return (劇場版ウルトラマンオーブ 絆の力,おかりします!第1章 サデスの帰還 Gekijōban Urutoraman Ōbu Kizuna no chikara, okarishimasu! Dai 1-shō Sadesu no Kikan?)



  • The titles of most episodes are the same as their main series conterparts, with a few words added.
  • Episode 1 is a revised version of Ultraman Orb's pre-series Retrospective Special.
  • Unlike Ultraman Zero: The Chronicle before it, this series does not have an updated version of the star Ultra's theme song.
  • At the time of its airing, there were essentially two separate runs of Ultraman Orb on Tsuburaya's YouTube Channel; this series, and the Mandarin dub of the main series for Taiwanese audiences.


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