"The light of the galaxy calls me too! My name is Ultraman Orb Dark... Noir Black Schwarz!"

―Ultraman Orb Dark introducing himself
Ultraman Orb Dark (Noir Black Schwarz)
OrbDark CBEdit
Human Host/Form: Makoto Aizen (Cereza)
Height: 50 m
Weight: 50,000 t
Age: N/A
Home world: Earth
Voice actor(s): Motoki Fukami
Suit actor(s): Shinnosuke Ishikawa
First Appearance: Ultraman R/B episode 8 "The World Is Waiting For Me"
Last Appearance: Ultraman R/B episode 12 "What We Should Protect"
Number of Appearances: R/B (5)
Race: Ultra
Status: Exist only as a transformation
Family: N/A
Affiliation: TBA

Ultraman Orb Dark (ウルトラマンオーブダーク Urutoraman Ōbu Dāku) is a dark version of Ultraman Orb, appearing in the series Ultraman R/B. While simply called Orb Dark in most cases, Makoto gives it the name Ultraman Orb Dark Noir Black Schwarz (ウルトラマンオーブダークノワールブラックシュバルツ Urutoraman Ōbu Dāku Nowāru Burakku Shubarutsu).


  • Jet Black Ultraman (漆黒のウルトラマン Shikkoku no Urutoraman)
  • Jet Black Giant (漆黒の巨人 Shikkoku no Kyojin)
  • Black Superbeing (黒い超人 Kuroi Chōjin)


"What's so dangerous about him? His name is way too long! You see, Noir is French, Black is English, and Schwarz is German. If translated, all of them mean black! That means, his name is literally Ultraman Orb Dark Black Black Black! He's just repeating the same words all over again! What is he, an idiot?"

―Isami during the intro of episode 9.
The latter part of his full name can be summed as:
  • Noir (ノワール Nowāru): The French word for black.
  • Black (ブラック Burakku): Clearly the color black in English.
  • Schwarz (シュバルツ Shubarutsu): The German word for black.

Thus making the fact that the latter three words of his name are simply indications to his body color. It should also be noted that these three words were given by Makoto/Cereza.


Ultraman R/B

Makoto Aizen recruited several people to unlock the Orb Origin Crystal and after achieving that, he obtained the Orb Ring NEO.

He first demonstrated the power of Ultraman Orb Dark on Ultramen Rosso and Blu after chastising them for not living up to the standards of "actual" Ultramen, giving both of them a senseless defeat before sparing them. Ironically, he would use this newfound alter-ego to perform various heroic deeds (all of which were staged) in hopes of garnering popularity from the townspeople. Rosso and Blu later challenge him for a return match, this time calling out on his hypocrisy for being a glory seeker, and they turn the tides with the Victory Crystal and their training. Orb Dark suffered his first defeat.The World is Waiting for MeIn the Name of Ultraman

Later, Orb Dark returned to fight against Horoboros, showing off his abilities to the public. Via a cheap move, he put Horoboros to sleep when he was starting to get pinned down and finished it off with the Dark Origium Ray, impressing the public. Later, Orb Dark tries to fight Bezelb but was shown up by Rosso and Blu, who steal the kill. Infuriated, Orb Dark tries to attack the two Ultras instead but was interrupted by the return of Horoboros, who evolved into its Bipedal form. Horoboros easily finished off Orb Dark, and Makoto lost the Orb Ring NEO.The Minato Family HolidayAizen's FrenzyWhat We Should Protect

With the loss of his transformation item, and Cereza being separated from Makoto, Ultraman Orb Dark is no more.


"Ultraman Orb Dark!"

―Orb Ring NEO transformation announcement.

Being a copy of Ultraman Orb, he presumably has the same stats, though this has not been confirmed.


  • Height: 50 m
  • Weight: 50,000 t
  • Home Planet: Earth

Body Features

  • Eyes: Orb Dark has dark red eyes instead of the normal light blue, matching his evil nature.
  • Color Timer (カラータイマー Karā Taimā): Orb Dark possesses an "O" shaped Color Timer. It is always red.
  • Ultra Armor: Orb Dark has the standard Ultra Armor, being resistant to fire and lasers. His Ultra Armor is all black.
  • Forehead Crystal: Orb Dark has a crystal on his forehead that is red in color.
  • Protector (プロテクター Purotekutā): Orb Dark has 4 metallic pieces of smaller Protectors on his chest.


"Lend me the power of bonds!"

―Activation announcement for Orb Dark

Makoto inserts the Orb Origin Crystal into the AZ Gyro and pulls the side handles thrice. The Orb Ring NEO appears above the Gyro and is switched into the Orb Dark Mode.

Makoto presses the center button, spinning the Orb Ring NEO in a similar manner to the Orb Slasher before raising it mid-air. Two giant Orb Ring NEOs appear at his sides before another appears before him a la Fusion Up sequences. Dark rainbow background begins to burst as Ultraman Orb Dark rises, initially making a heart-shaped hand gesture before clenching his right hand forward as he closely approaching the screen. If he already has the Orb Ring NEO on hand, he doesn't need to summon it via the Orb Origin Crystal.


  • Orb Dark Calibur (オーブダークカリバー Ōbu Dāku Karibā): Orb Dark's personal weapon. It is similar to the original Orbcalibur, but has black colorings on it.
    • Dark Origium Saucer (ダークオリジウムソーサー Dāku Orijiumu Sōsā): The Orb Dark Calibur can release an energy ring to strike the enemy.
    • Elemental Powers: Like its template, the Orb Dark Calibur can manipulate the power of four similar yet different elements: Flame, Ice, Rock and Storm.
      • Orb Dark Excellent Calibur (オーブダークエクセレントカリバー Ōbu Dāku Ekuserento Karibā): The Orb Dark Calibur's equivalent to the Orb Supreme Calibur.
      • Orb Dark Inferno Calibur (オーブダークインフェルノカリバー Ōbu Dāku Inferuno Karibā): When the Calibur Wheel is set to the flame symbol, Orb Dark creates a ring of fire by making a circular motion with his sword. He then thrusts his sword, throwing it towards the enemy, causing an explosion.
      • Orb Dark Ice Calibur (オーブダークアイスカリバー Ōbu Dāku Aisu Karibā): When the Calibur Wheel is set to the ice symbol, Orb Dark freezes the ground in front of him before slashing it and creates a series of ice eruptions as several ice blocks rain on the target.
      • Orb Dark Rock Calibur (オーブダークロックカリバー Ōbu Dāku Rokku Karibā): When the Calibur Wheel is set to the rock symbol, Orb Dark stabs his sword into the ground to release electrical currents, breaking the earth and scattering rocks.
      • Orb Dark Typhoon Calibur (オーブダークタイフーンカリバー Ōbu Dāku Taifūn Karibā)



  • Dark Origium Ray (ダークオリジウム光線 Dāku Orijiumu Kōsen): Orb Dark's beam finisher, it is a purple version of the normal Origium Ray.
  • Dark Sperion Ray (ダークスペリオン光線 Dāku Superion Kōsen): A dark version of Spacium Zeperion's signature finisher.
  • Dark Zedcium Ray (ダークゼットシウム光線 Dāku Zettoshiumu Kōsen): A dark version of Thunder Breastar's signature finisher.
  • Tranquilizer Wave: What seems to be his only original ability, Orb Dark unleashes a wave of energy from his palm that can put a monster to sleep, leaving them vulnerable to a finishing attack. This might not be an ability Orb Dark exhibits on his own as it may have come from Cereza or has something to do with the Gyro, considering Ultraman Orb never had an ability like this.


  • Dark Stobium Dynamite (ダークストビュームダイナマイト Dāku Sutobyūmu Dainamaito): A dark version of Burnmite's signature finisher, and it is strong enough to revert Ultramen Rosso and Blu back to their human hosts.


  • Orb Dark's light-up parts appear orange under certain lighting, but they are really a dark red in color.
    • In the initial magazine scan reveals, his eyes were a much more pale red instead.
  • Orb Dark's full name using the word for 'black' in three different languages; English, German and French, is likely to be a darker parody to Rosso and Blu's names being Italian words for 'red' and 'blue' respectively.
    • The viewer's own reaction for the redundancy of said full name is even highlighted by Isami Minato during an opening recap of episode 9.
    • His body color is an antithesis to the Minato brothers' transformation catchphrase, "Color me with your power! Ruebe!", as black is usually interpreted as colorless. This is also ironic, as the color black is obtained by mixing various colors.
  • When Orb Dark is pair up with Ultraman Orb "Orb Origin" in Ultraman Fusion Fight. He will say "Lend me the power of bonds" instead of  "My name is Ultraman Orb Dark Noir Black Schwarz!" in his intro.
  • This is in fact the second dark/evil imitation of Orb to exist, the first being Imitation Ultraman Orb from episode 9 of Ultraman Orb.
  • The orb that appears in front of Orb Dark when using the Dark Origium Ray is not a perfect sphere. Instead, it is heart-shaped, referencing that Makoto Aizen is the creator and controller of Orb Dark's power.
  • His near attempt to punch the de-transformed Minato brothers was a tribute to Ultraman Nexus' debut in the first episode of his series. This was implemented by director Takanori Tsujimoto.[2]
  • Orb Dark's background is similar to Evil Tiga, in that they are Ultras under control of those who wished to exploit the power of Ultraman for selfish deeds. Their names gave the indication that they are meant to be evil counterparts of an original Ultraman, hence the similarity of their attacks in a smaller scale. In real life, their soft vinyl dolls are sold under the brand of Ultra Monster 500 and official websites indicated them as Ultra Kaiju.
    • Coincidentally, their hosts are portrayed as CEO of a famous company that excels in the field of science and use forceful methods to obtain said Ultramen powers (eg. using the light of Spark Lens to create a forced merging with an Ultra statue and/or using the brainwave energies of kidnapped humans to fix an Ultra power).


  • "Ultramen these days talk way too much. There's no mystery anymore."
  • "Not a huge fan of your designs either... Like, what are those? Cat Ears?"
  • "Attacking in the middle of one's introduction or transformation is inexcusable! You're breaking the rules!!"
  • "I merely gave the people what they asked for. People need a hero. Someone to shatter the darkness and give them light!"


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