Ultraman Powered (3DO)
Powered 2
Developer(s): Bandai
Publisher(s): Bandai
Release date: 1994
Genre: Crosshairs Rail Shooter
Game modes: Single Player
Multi Player
Platform(s): Phillips 3DO
Succeeded by: {{{sequel}}}

Ultraman Powered (ウルトラマンパワード Urutoraman Pawādo?) is a partly rail shooter, partly 2D fighting game developed & published by Bandai for the Phillips 3DO.

Game Modes

Visual Mode


Battle Mode

The main story of the game. 8 battles each of which begins with a cut scene taken from the episode the stage is based off. After that, you have the option to activate a rail shooter section where you pilot a ship to attack the invading monster of that stage. You attack by firing at red targets on the monster to decrease some of its health. The section actually helps as it can reduce a good amount of the monster's health before Powered appears. after 2 loops of shooting, the ship is destroyed and Ultraman Powered appears and you have to control him to finish the battle. Each stage is based off of an episode from Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero.

VS Mode

P1 vs. CPU or P1 vs. P2 in a standard battle where you can play as any of your unlocked Ultras, Kaiju or Seijin.


Options menu.

Data Base

Fact files on all unlocked characters.

Playable Characters







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