Ultraman Robin

Ultraman Robin

Ultraman Robin is a Tsuburaya Productions approved wrestling gimmick of Atsushi O-nai.


  • Height: 152 cm
  • Weight: 90 kg
  • Origin: Nebula M78


  • UltraDestiny.
  • Ultra Protocol Converter
  • UltraDynamite


Debuting at the All-Star Wrestling, he was a cowardly heel who often cheated. With the help of a REAL Ultraman, he became a baby face and has been ever since. He often fought 'monsters' of wrestlings, and was told to change his heel gimmick by Tsuburaya Productions themself.


  • His mask is a homage to Ultraman Ace, and also luchadores.
  • His whole gimmick is similar to the gimmick of Mick Foley, who started out as a psychotic heel and then became a loveable character as Mankind.