Ultraman THE FIRST
Ultraman The First Manga
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Created by: Yuzo Takada
Country Of Origin Japan
Number Of Chapters TBA
Original Air Date 2003-2008
Preceded by TBA
Succeeded by TBA

Ultraman The First (ウルトラマン THE FIRST Urutoraman THE FIRST?) is a retelling of the original series, by 3x3 Eyes creator; Yuzo Takada




Main article: Science Patrol
  • Captain Toshio "Cap" Muramatsu (ムラマツ・トシオ(村松 利夫) Muramatsu Toshio?): The Science Patrol's leader.
  • Daisuke Arashi (アラシ・ダイスケ(嵐 大助) Arashi Daisuke?): The Science Patrol's rotund tough-guy marksman.
  • Mitsuhiro Ide (イデ・ミツヒロ(井出 光弘) Ide Mitsuhiro?): The Science Patrol's somewhat comical inventor.
  • Akiko Fuji (フジ・アキコ(富士 明子) Fuji Akiko?): The Science Patrol's radio/communications operator. The only female member.
  • Shin Hayata (ハヤタ・シン(早田 進)?): The Science Patrol's brave, no-nonsense deputy captain. His fate is similar to the show's version.
  • Hinata: A female mechanic, she has a rivalry with Akiko, when it comes to playing games.
  • Nagai: The maintenance team leader.
  • Tabata: A mechanic
  • Hoshino:
  • Dr. Iwamoto
  • Defense Corp Chief of Staff:



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