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Ultraman Taro
Ultraman Taro is the 6th entry in the Ultra Series
Format: Science fiction, action, adventure
Created by: Tsuburaya Productions
Starring: Saburo Shinoda, Takahiko Tōno, Yumi Asakama
Opening Theme: Ultraman Taro
Ending Theme: N/a
Country Of Origin Japan
Number Of Episodes 53
Running Time 24 minutes (per episode)
Original Channel TBS
Original Air Date April 6, 1973
Preceded by Ultraman Ace
Succeeded by Ultraman Leo
Ultraman Taro (ウルトラマンTタロウ Urutoraman Tarō) aired on Tokyo Broadcasting System from April 6, 1973 to April 5, 1974, as the sixth entry in the long-running Ultra Series.

At the time ratings were falling, and as Tsuburaya felt Ace had been a bit too dark at times, they took a lighter approach in Taro to please children. Ironically, this lost even more views from elder fans, causing the series to be followed by Ultraman Leo, often considered the darkest and grittiest entry in the Showa series.

Taro a common name for the boy in otogi-banashis, or Japanese fairy tales. The name reflects the child-centric aspect of the series, which was intended to be a fairy tale.


Kotaro Higashi trained to be a boxer, but after an icident with Astromons, he was killed. However, his body was brought to Nebula M-78 where Mother of Ultra saved his life by joining him with Ultraman Taro. Taro had spent many years training, honing his skills based on those of the other Ultra Brothers to become strong. The two returned to earth as a new kaiju era was beginning. In the end of the show, Kotaro decided to remain human by removing his connection to Taro, one of the few human hosts to do so.




  • Saori Shiratori (白鳥さおり Shiratori Saori): Mayumi Asuka (あさかまゆみ Asaka mayumi) (Episodes 1-16), Keiko Ono (小野恵子 Ono Keiko) (Episodes 20-53): A nineteen year old college student and the eldest of the Shiratori family. She is the main housekeeper because her mother passed away. She has good reflexes and experience in softball. She is close to Kotaro.

Cast Changes

Throughout the show, multiple cast changes were made.[1] These were for several reasons.

  • Mayumi Asuka stepped down from her role as Saori, and was replaced in episode twenty by Keiko Ono.
  • TBA

Kaiju & Seijin


  • "Ultraman Taro (ウルトラマンタロ Urutoramantarō)"
    • Lyrics: Aku Yu / composer-arranger: Kawaguchi true / song: Takemura Taro, boys and girls choir lake. Uncredited synth arrangements by Higurashi Masanobu.[42] .


  • As the main ultra from Return of Ultraman was not yet known by it, the name "Jack" was considered for Taro. The reasoning behind this was that Jack is a popular name for fairy tale heroes in the west, but Taro was settled upon as the Japanese equivalent.
    • "Ultraman Suta" (「ウルトラマンスター」 `Urutoramansutā' "Ultraman Star") was also considered as a name during production.
  • The Ultra Brothers appeared frequently in this series and it was in their later appearances that drastically changed how they appear. Examples include: Ultras with orange eyes (done to consevere the budget of the lightbulbs in the eyes), Jack sharing the same suit as Ultraman with more silver than red, & design on the bottom looks like a female, Ultraseven without ears on episode 40 which would happen again on the premiere of Ultraman Leo, and finally, Jack with red gloves and boots in episode 52.
  • Tsuburaya's tenth anniversary show, Taro was filmed alongside Jumborg Ace and Fireman.
  • Due to production problems with the next series, Ultraman Leo, Tsuburaya extended Taro's run for several episodes.
  • Imagin Anime 3: You Will Find the Ultra PlanetIcon-crosswiki: Ultraman Taro makes a cameo in the episode.
  • The series is the longest running showa series.

Complete DVD-Box Set

A English subtitled DVD set was also released by the Malaysian company VGB Network. A few grammatical errors were made during the subtitling.

A blu-ray remaster was released in 2017 through Amazon Prime.


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