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Series Episodes
Ultraman Tiga (series)
Ultraman Tiga is the 12th entry in the Ultra Series
Ultrmn Tig ttl crd
Format: Tokusatsu and Science Fiction
Created by: Tsuburaya Productions
Starring: Hiroshi Nagano, Takami Yoshimoto, Akitoshi Ohtaki, Shigeki Kagemaru, Yukio Masuda, Yoichi Furuya, Mio Takagi
Opening Theme: TAKE ME HIGHER
Ending Theme: Brave Love, Tiga
Country Of Origin Japan
Number Of Episodes 52
Running Time 24 minutes (per episode)
Original Channel TBS
Original Air Date September 7, 1996
Preceded by Ultraman Zearth
Succeeded by Ultraman Dyna

Ultraman Tiga (ウルトラマンティガ Urutoraman Tiga?) is the 12th entry in the Ultra Series, airing from December 7th to August 30th, 1996-1997. It was the first Ultra Series broadcast in Japan since 1980's Ultraman 80, it revolutionized the franchise, not to mention the great effect it had on tokusatsu outside of Tsuburaya.

Tiga is the first Ultraman with multiple combat modes and non-red colors. Ultraman Tiga is one of the more popular shows in the Ultra Series, and hence Tiga has more exposure on TV and movies than any other Heisei Ultraman. Ultraman Tiga was also dubbed in English by 4Kids Entertainment and broadcast in the United States as part of the Fox Box programming block on Fox Broadcasting Company affiliates. This made it the fourth Ultra Series to air in the United States after Ultraman, Ultraseven and Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero.


Set in an alternate timeline of the years 2007-2010 (2049 in the U.S. dub), giant monsters and conquering aliens start to appear, as was foretold by an apocalyptic prophecy about an uncontrollable chaos over the Earth. Facing the threat, the TPC (Terrestrial Peaceable Consortium) is created, such as its branch, GUTS (Global Unlimited Task Squad). Through a holographic message in a capsule found by researchers, the GUTS gets knowledge about a golden pyramid built by an ancient civilization. At the site, three statues of a race of giants who defended early human civilization on Earth about 30,000,000 years ago from Super-Ancient Monsters and other forces of darkness are found, but two of them are destroyed by the monsters Golza and Melba. The third one gains life from the spiritual energy of officer Daigo Madoka, descendant of the ancient race. Daigo and the remaining statue merge into a single being, made of light, Ultraman Tiga. Shortly after defeating the two monsters, Daigo is revealed by the hologram of the prophecy that 30 million years in the past, a great evil that not even the giants could stop, destroyed the ancient civilization. The same evil reappears in the finale of the series, the Ruler of Darkness Gatanothor, and his servants, Gijera and Zoigar. Ghatanothoa defeats Ultraman Tiga with ease, withstanding the Delcalium Light Stream and a modified version of the Zepellion Ray, both Tiga's finishes, and turns him back into a statue, but the light of humanity is able to turn him into Glitter Tiga, giving him the power to defeat Ghatanothoa and save the Earth.

However, Tiga's victory came at a cost. Daigo was no longer able to become Tiga after the Spark Lens disintegrated into dust after his final battle. It is ultimately revealed that Tiga, although no longer bound to Daigo, still exists in the heart of those who believe in Tiga and may reappear again in the future.



Main article: GUTS (Global Unlimited Task Squad)

GUTS (Global Unlimited Task Squad) is the "peace-keeping" force of the Tiga universe. It is a special investigation team of the TPC (Terrestrial Peaceable Consortium).

Daigo Madoka/Ultraman Tiga (マドカ・ダイゴ/ウルトラマンティガ Madoka Daigo/Urutoraman Tiga?)Main article
Daigo Madoka;Rena Yanase (ヤナセ・レナ Yanase Rena?)
An action hero in her own right, being the best fighter pilot and no stranger to using heavy machines and artillery, and happens to have compassion for some of the monsters. Daigo's love interest, later becomes his wife.
Captain Megumi Iruma (イルマ・メグミ隊長 Iruma Megumi Taichō?)
The first female Captain in an Ultra series. She mostly stays in headquarters and leaves field operations in the hands of her deputy captain, Munakata. Her influence makes GUTS perhaps less militant than some of her superiors over at TPC, which provides some opportunities for dramatic tension. She is formerly a scientist and she is also a widow with one child that lives with her mother-in-law.;Deputy Captain Seiichi Munakata (ムナカタ・セイイチ副隊長 Munakata Seiichi Fuku Taichō?)
A no-nonsense, chisel-faced commander. He was saved by Iruma back in his days on the defense force. He is a teetotaler who has a penchant for drinking milk at jazz bars and wearing a baseball cap in the field.
Masami Horii (ホリイ・マサミ Horii Masami?)
The pug-faced, brainy, Osaka-dialect-speaking comic-relief technologist who finds love and gets married during the series. Known as the "Brains of GUTS".;Tetsuo Shinjoh (シンジョウ・テツオ Shinjō Tetsuo?)
The bland but tall and good-looking guy with a fan following. He has a younger sister named Mayumi, who is a TPC nurse. He is sometimes brash and hotheaded, but is also a bit of chicken and fears ghosts and supernatural things. He has formed a goofball combination with either Daigo or Horii.
Jun Yazumi (ヤズミ・ジュン Yazumi Jun?)
Rounding off the crew is young Yazumi, the communications and computer expert who goes out into the field even less than Captain Iruma. When reports of a winged monster appearing from Easter Island, most of the GUTS crew attends to this, the second monster on the loose since the meteorite landed, while Yazumi remains behind to research the name "Tiga." Yazumi discovers that the name is an old popular name of a northeastern district in Japan.===TPC===
Inspector General Souichiro Sawai (サワイ・ソウイチロウ総監 Sawai Sōichirō Sōkan?)
The head and founder of TPC, and a strong advocate of GUTS. A pacifist at heart, but also a rationalist in the face of the dangers that face humanity. Advocated the formation of TPC when he was the secretary general of the United Nations back in the 20th century. Often participates in field operations. Also dedicated to contacting extraterrestrial life.
Chief of Staff Officer Masayuki Nahara (ナハラ・マサユキ参謀 Nahara Masayuki Sanbō?)
A gentle man of principle who avoids confrontation. He likes to put the breaks on reckless military buildups.;Military Police Director General Tetsuji Yoshioka (ヨシオカ・テツジ警務局長官 Yoshioka Tetsuji Keimukyoku Chōkan?)
He is responsible for the enforcement arm of TPC. A war hawk, but also an old friend of pacifist Sawai. Often disagrees with Nahara, but never acts irrationally. A former submariner. He likes to carry and use a traditional folding Japanese fan.
Mayumi Shinjoh (シンジョウ・マユミ Shinjō Mayumi?)
Mayumi is Shinjoh's 19-year-old younger sister who works as a nurse in TPC. She had a biker boyfriend who died in episode 15. She joined the organization with the help of her older brother.;Professor Naban Yao (ヤオ・ナバン博士 Yao Naban Hakase?)
The founder of Maxima Overdrive, which can harness the power of light. A scientist at heart, he continues to pursue the dreams of his childhood. It takes him 20 years to turn his dream of creating the greatest ship ever into a reality (in the form of the Art Dessei). In a nice touch, names his test vehicle the Snow White.
Professor Reiko Kashimura (カシムラ・レイコ博士 Kashimura Reiko Hakase?)
The head of TPC's "Ride Mecha" R and D. She made several appearances in the first half of the series. She participates in the analysis of Yuzare's time capsule and the modification of GUTS mecha to combat. She also makes an appearance in Ultraman Dyna.;Professor Yuuji Tango (タンゴ・ユウジ博士 Tango Yūji Hakase?)
An army scientist from TPC's Life Sciences Research division. He is small at heart but full of pride. He spends time analyzing the remains of the Tiga statues. His insecurities eventually lead him to trouble.
Technical Officer Omi Yanase (ヤナセ・オミ技官 Yanase Omi Gikan?)
Rena's father, the head of Station Delta. He has a bad relationship with Rena, at first. But they are reconciled, after he shows that he actually loves his daughter, when captured by Alien Regulan.;Captain Shin Hayate (ハヤテ・シン隊長 Hayate Shin Taichō?)
A poker-faced Captain of moon base Garowa. Flees to Earth when Garowa is annihilated by monster Menjula. An old friend and senior of Captain Iruma, who sees him as a great senior figure.

Other characters

Keigo Masaki/Evil Tiga (マサキ・ケイゴ/イーヴィルティガ Masaki Keigo/Īviru Tiga?)Main article
Keigo Masaaki;Yuzare (ユザレ Yuzare?)
Michiru Ezaki (エザキ・ミチル Ezaki Michiru?);Makio Kirino (キリノ・マキオ Kirino Makio?)
A man with extraordinary ability who is able to predict future events and communicate with others through telepathy. Thanks to this ability, he knew Daigo's identity as Ultraman Tiga. He became jealous of Daigo, because Daigo/Ultraman Tiga was praised as a hero with his "extraordinary power", while Makio himself was seen by others as a monster. Makio then blackmailed Daigo to play games with him and told him to defeat the monster Galra without transforming, and even threatened to reveal Daigo's identity as Ultraman Tiga to the world if he lost or transformed against the rules. But after seeing Daigo's eagerness to protect Rena, he is touched and redeemed himself by telling Daigo Galra's weak spot, so he could finally defeat it.
Tomoki Miura (ミウラ・トモキ Miura Tomoki?)
Iruma's only son. He lives with his grandmother and is a computer Genius that surpasses even Yazumi.;Gatanothor (ガタノゾーア Gatanozōa?)
The Ruler of Darkness, and ancient evil that engulfed the Earth in darkness and destroyed the ancient civilization that the giants protected, and turned the giants to stone. Eventually Ghatanothoa's reign over the Earth ended when he and his followers went into hibernation. In the present when the series is set, Ghatanothoa and his servants reawakened to destroy humanity. Even though Ultraman Tiga stood in his way, he was no match for the Ruler of Darkness who turned him back to stone. However, the light of humanity revive Ultraman Tiga as Glitter Tiga who finally killed Ghatanothoa, completely obliterating him with a blast of energy from his color timer. Its name is derived from Ghatanothoa, of which one of the spellings in Japanese is the same.


GUTS Wing 01 (GW-01)
An advanced fighter with variable-sweep wings. It would be later used by the SuperGUTS as a trainer as well as fighters for other organizations.
GUTS Wing 02 (GW-02)
It can carry up to four team members. It can open its Hyper Electromagnetic Launcher by sliding its fuselage to the side.
A heavily modified version of the GUTS Wing 02. It can split into EX-J α and EX-J β.
Snow White
A custom made GUTS Wing 01 designed for hypersonic flight.
GUTS Wing Blue Tornado (GW-BT)
A custom built GUTS Wing 01 designed by the American branch of the TPC. Although its speed availability exceeds GW-01 its weapons are less effective.
GUTS Wing Crimson Dragon (GW-CD)
A custom built GUTS Wing 01 designed by the European branch of the TPC. Its combat efficiency exceeds GW-01 and is still used during the SuperGUTS age.
It is large enough to load 3 GUTS Wings, the Artdessei is a space-flight-capable carrier and battleship. It is also equipped with the Neo-Maxima cannon.
Machine Sherlock (GUTS Car)
A modified Chevrolet Camaro, equipped with cannons above the roof.
Machine De La Mu
A modified Chevrolet Blazer, equipped with Degner Canon on the roof.
A tank equipped with a drill for subterranean exploration and combat.
A submarine used for underwater missions.
Stug #1 and #2
A modified motorcycle for offroad mission purposes.


Main article: List of Ultraman Tiga monsters


Episode 49
The original Ultraman helps to defeat monster Yanakahgi. Since Tiga is from an entirely different timeline to the original Ultra series, a lot of plot contortions are made in order to bring together these two Ultras in order to honor the 30th anniversary of the original Ultraman.


4Kids Adaptation

Tiga 4kids

4Kids's opening title card.

Ultraman Tiga was the fourth Ultra series to be adapted for a U.S. release, following Ultraman, Ultraseven, and Ultraman: Towards the Future. It was licensed by 4Kids Entertainment and aired on the Fox Broadcasting Company's FoxBox Saturday morning programming block. The first episode premiered on September 14, 2002.

Unlike the Super Sentai Series'Icon-crosswiki adaptation into Power RangersIcon-crosswiki, which combined the original shows' tokusatsu sequences with an entirely new cast, Ultraman Tiga was simply dubbed into English. Nonetheless, 4Kids made a number of significant changes. There was an entirely new theme song and the original soundtrack for the series was replaced. Episode storylines was altered and simplified to comply with Fox's Standards and Practices division and accommodate the differences between Japanese and American commercial breaks and broadcasting scheduling. Each episode was typically one or two minutes shorter than its Japanese counterpart.

There was also a lot more blatant and crude humor. The Japanese Ultraman Tiga had a few moments of subtle humor and charming moments. The Americanized version came with dialogue that poked fun of the original material as well as the dubbing in general, which changed the personalities for some of the characters (Notable in this aspect was the transformation of Captain Iruma from a smart, level-headed individual into a complete airhead.) Additionally, Captain Iruma was referred to as a "sir" instead of a "ma'am", perhaps in an attempt at being politically correct. This caused some problems within the addressing of a commanding officer whether that person was male or a female.

The monsters were enhanced with new sound effects, and the transformation sequence was altered altogether, in a scene showcasing all of Tiga's forms and emphasizing the change from Daigo to Tiga. Additionally, Ultraman Tiga's "Multi, Power, and Sky Types" are changed into "Omni, Power, and Speed Modes," respectively. The Spark Lens was renamed the "Torch of Tiga", although the Region 1 DVD Release refers to it as the "Spark Lance" for the first DVD (soon afterwards, the translation becomes "Spark Lens" yet again. His light techniques were called "Luminizers", and Ultraman Tiga's Color Timer is referred to as his "Biotic Sensor." Probably the most infamous (and partially racial) of the Tiga incidents was in episode 22, where the Japanese dialogue was used in the Americanized version of the series as an "Extraterrestrial Language."

Ultraman Tiga was removed from the FoxBox lineup on March 15, 2003, due to low ratings, with only 25 episodes of the 52-episode series having aired. 4Kids initially planned to relaunch the show in September, but decided to release the Japanese episodes on DVD instead.[1] As a result, their dub is only viewable through recordings of the original broadcasts.

According to Voice Actress, Erica Schroeder (whom played the voice of Rena of GUTS,) she said that part of the reason for Ultraman Tiga's limited success in the U.S. was due to 4Kids was having issues deciding on whether to satirize the show or to make it serious, which explains the poorly handled humor and dubbing as seen throughout the dub.[Citation needed]


Guest Cast

English Dub


Opening theme
  • "TAKE ME HIGHER" reached #1 of the Oricon Weekly Rankings Charts for the week of September 30, 1996, and became a Platinum Record.
Ending Theme


Uchūsen (Spacecraft) Magazine began a serialization of an Ultraman Tiga manga in the Summer 1997 written by Mamoru Uchiyama.

DVD Box Sets


Dark Horse Comics published a manga-style series based on Ultraman Tiga in 2003–2004.


  1. [1]Henshin! Online, 2/28/03 - Tiga Reloaded!
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