Ultraman VS Monsters is a game app by "coringa rodriguez" (No caps). It is very Engrish-y, hard to understand, and features a myriad of ads. Ultraman Tiga in Power Type is the player character.


The official, unmodified description:

"ultraman is a universe hero, he save earth, kill many monsters , but now have a lot of monsters , ultraman now goes to earth to kill monsters . you can control ultraman following introduce . have fun!"


The menu appears, saying:

  • CoNTiNuE
  • HigHSCoRE
  • MoREgAME

Press "PLAYgAME".

The game is very simple, with 5 controls. Left, right, jump, punch/kick, and special. If the jump button and punch button are pressed at the same time, Tiga will do a jump kick at the enemy. Enemies are both large (Dwarfing Tiga) and small, which there are several of. Some kaiju, Melba and Gazort, appear in two forms, walking and flying. When the kaiju flashes white, it meants that it is about to attack. When Tiga kills the large kaiju, he gains a speed, energy and damage increase. Each blow knocks the enemy back. A round ends when Tiga flashes the victory symbol.

A round starts by saying:

"(Kaiju's name) was the destruction of the earth, come to save the earth."

The Spark Lens will then appear. Click it to start the round.


It should be noted that Golza is the only kaiju not to have the wrong name.


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