Series Episodes
Ultraman X
Ultraman X is the 27th entry in the Ultra Series
Ultraman X title card
Format: Tokusatsu
Created by: Tsuburaya Productions
Starring: Kiyotaka Taguchi, Takanori Tsujimoto, Yuichi Abe, Taku Tomita, Koichi Sakamoto Yuji Kobayashi, Takao Nakano, Hirotoshi Kobayashi, Hisako Kurosawa
Opening Theme: Ultraman X (song)
Ending Theme: Unite ~-kun to tsunagaru tame ni ~
Country Of Origin Japan
Number Of Episodes 22
Running Time TBA
Original Channel TV Tokyo
Original Air Date July 14th, 2015
Preceded by Ultra Fight Victory, Ultraman Retsuden
Succeeded by Ultraman Orb

1.A Voice from the Starry Sky (星空の声 Hoshizora no koe)

Summary: Long ago, a mysterious incident , the Ultra Flare incident awakened monsters created from Spark Dolls, thus causing worldwide monster attacks.

Fifteen years after the incident, Xio officer Daichi Ozora was studying the Cyber Cards until the emergence of Demaaga attacking nearby citizens. At that time, an unknown voice was heard by Daichi, which came to Earth and fused with him, giving birth to the new warrior, Ultraman X

Kaiju/Seijin: Bemular, Aboras, Banila, Pestar, Magular, Peguila, Cyber Gomora, Demaaga

2.A Collection of Possibilities (可能性のかたまり Kanōsei no katamari)

Summary: Huge Giant Bird Birdon has emerged from the Mt. Okuma. Birdon set up a nest for its eggs but in the process traps several civilian captives in the pile. Angered by the attack as Xio tries to save the trapped people, Birdon rampages and Daichi as Ultraman X arrives on the scene but both soon succumb to the poison injected by the monster. At that time, Alien Fanton Guruman triggers a secret operation!?

Kaiju/Seijin: Alien Fanton Dr. Guruman, Birdon

3.A Song That Calls the Night (夜を呼ぶ歌 Yoru o yobu uta)

Summary: Daichi and Asuna were sent on surveying a suburban area after a series of earthquakes reported. While patrolling, Daichi came across a mysterious woman. In addition, she appears every time the underground monster Telesdon emerges. While Telesdon retreated after being attacked with flares, Daichi and Asuna are task to discover the mysterious woman's identity. Said woman resembles an unknown civilian in real life, whom died sometime prior.

Kaiju/Seijin: Alien Fanton Dr. Guruman, Telesdon, Underground Woman, Cyber Eleking (Card)

4.All For One (オール・フォー・ワン Ōru Fō Wan)

Summary: Alien Zarab had planned for destruction by making Bemstar attack the city. Asuna thinks that Daichi had got caught up in this attack and has died. Her panicked attack had also caused Ultraman X to be stuck inside Bemstar's body. Also, Wataru and Hayato were following Zarab but because of their rivalry they lost him. Captain Shotaro had told them that Team Work is important. Asuna and other Xio Members decided to unite and rescue Ultraman X.

Kaiju/Seijin: Alien Fanton Dr. Guruman, Alien Zarab, Bemstar, Cyber Telesdon (Card)

5.When the Aegis Shines (イージス 光る時 Ījisu hikaru toki)

Summary: While Xio members perform experiments to turn monsters into Spark Dolls, Alien Nackle appears and attacks the test site with Black King, while he takes the opportunity to steal the Spark Dolls. As he disappears into another dimension with the van, Rui unfortunately is stuck in the van, and contacts the team.To save Rui, X & Zero join forces.

Kaiju/Sejin: Alien Fanton Dr. Guruman, Alien Nackle Bandero, Black King / Black King Drill Custom

6.The Man With The Memories Of A Planet (星の記憶を持つ男 Hoshi no kioku o motsu otoko)

Summary: A man named tE-rU appears in the city & makes trouble to others. Is he an alien? He came to earth by controlling & riding an Mecha Monster called Rudian. tE-rU heals an girl who was injured. By seeing this Daichi Oozora realizes that this person has no evil intention. He Unites with Ultraman X to stop the movement of Rudian. Xio were protecting tE-rU & Rudian & when Xio were knowing about those two, they learn a fearful truth. A Monster named Gargorgon was aiming at Rudian & he will land on earth very soon.

Kaiju/Sejin: Alien Fanton Dr. Guruman, Alien Gold tE-rU, Rudian, Gargorgon

7.An Oath Beyond Worlds (星を越えた誓い Hoshi o Koeta Chikai)

Summary: Magical Beast Gargorgon was aiming at the Energy of Planet Gold which was hidden inside Rudian. During the fight of Ultraman X with Gargorgon, X was turned into a statue. Prince tE-rU is deeply regretting that because of the bullet that was aimed at him by Gargorgon, Ultraman X got defeated. Gargorgon tells humanity to surrender & send tE-rU to him. Now it's up to Xio to defeat Gargorgon, revive X & save humanity from the crisis.

Kaiju/Sejin: Alien Fanton Dr. Guruman, Alien Gold tE-rU, Rudian, Gargorgon

Re.Encounters and Friends (出会いそして仲間たち Deai Soshite Nakama-Tachi)

Summary: In this episode, Daichi and X discuss themselves about the monsters they encountered since the first episodes while giving the viewers a sneak peek of the next episode's clip.

8.X in Peril (狙われた X Nerawareta X)

Summary: Daichi and the rest of Xio meet the esteemed Dr. Touma Kaito, even as Zetton rampages through the city. Dr. Kaito and Xio work on a way to stop the kaiju, but it is revealed he is an imposter, as X is overtaken by a form of a virus and forced to fight alongside Zetton. However, as the real Touma Kaito appears and turns into Ultraman Max, X is forced to fight him.

Kaiju/Seijin: Zetton, Alien Sran Quilla

9.We Are Nebula! (我ら星雲! Warera Seiun!)


Kaiju/Seijin: Alien Fanton Guruman, Alien Valky HalkyAlien Icarus IcaryAlien Nackle NackleyKemur ManAlien ZettonAlien BabarueDadaAlien Akumania RefereeSamekujira Jolly (baby) 

10.The Monster Won't Move (怪獣は動かない Kaijū wa ugokanai)


Kaiju/Seijin: Alien Fanton Guruman, Houlinga

11.An Unknown Friend (未知なる友人 Michinaru Yūjin)


Kaiju/Seijin: Alien Fanton Guruman, King Joe, Alien Pedan (mentioned), Cyber Gomora

12.End of the Rainbow (虹の行く先 Niji no Ikusaki)

Summary: An unknown female alien summons another Demaaga to fight X, and times the fight to coincide with a burst of Dark Thunder energy, which strengthens Demaaga into Tsurugi Demaaga, but weakens X to the point that X disappears, after forcing Daichi out of the fusion. Daichi must resort to a dangerous method to save X, and in the process, remembers a moment of his past with his parents, resulting in an upgraded form for X.

Kaiju/Seijin: Alien Fanton Guruman, Demaaga (& Tsurugi Demaaga), Zaragas, Cyber Gomora, Alien Shaplay, Alien Magma, Gina Spectre

13.Sword of Victory (勝利への剣 Shōri e no Tsurugi)

Summary: Gina Spectre is able to open up wormholes into other worlds, and through one brings a captured Shou and unknowingly UPG member Arisa (from Ultraman Ginga S). It's up to Daichi and the others to find Shou and stop Gina Spectre as she uses the Dark Thunder energy to her advantage.

Kaiju/Seijin: Alien Fanton Guruman, Gina Spectre, Mold Spectre, Alien Magma, Alien Shaplay, Juda Spectre (flashback), Tsurugi Demaaga (stock footage)

14.The Shining Sky, and the Land Beneath It (光る大空、繋がる大地 Hikaru Ōsora, Tsunagaru Daichi)

Summary: Freed by Daichi and Xio, and joined by Hikaru Raido who had defeated the Spectre forces in the UPG world, Shou teaches Daichi some sword techniques to fight better. But will it be enough to stop the combined Guar army and the Spectre siblings in a combined form?

Kaiju/Seijin: Alien Fanton Guruman, Cyber Gomora, Guar Spectre, Mold Spectre, Gina Spectre, Juda Spectre (soul only), Alien Shaplay, Alien Makindo (not mentioned by name), Mecha Gomora, Shepherdon (flashback), Windom (flashback), Miclas (flashback), Agira (flashback)

Re.The Light of Victory Which Exceeds All Limits (限界を超えた勝利の光 Genkai wo Koeta Shōri no Hikari)


15.A Soldier's Back (戦士の背中 Senshi no Senaka)

Summary: Captain Kamiki attends his daughter's wedding but at the same time, Gomess appeared and worse, the monster was charged with the Dark Thunder Energy.

Kaiju/Seijin: Cyber Gomora, Gomess

16.Feature Report! 24 Hours Inside Xio (激撮!Xio密着24時 Geki to! Xio Mitchaku 24-ji)

Summary: A TV show was held where reporters would record Xio's daily routine for 24 hours. At the same an alien criminal network surfaces and plots multiple kidnappings.

Kaiju/Seijin: Kemur Man, Cicada Woman, Dada, Gubila, Cyber Neronga (design only), Cyber Zarab (design only)

17.My Friend's A Monster (ともだちは怪獣 Tomodachi wa Kaijū)


Kaiju/Seijin: Pigmon, King Guesra

18.Wataru's Romance (ワタルの恋 Wataru no Koi)

Summary: Space Cat Mu has come to earth, fleeing from mysterious energy strikes. Red King is coming, and is Wataru in love?

Kaiju/Seijin: Space Cat Mu, Red King (EX Red King), Dorako

19.Living Together (共に生きる Tomoniikiru)


Kaiju/Seijin: Alien Fanton Guruman, Gomora (EX Gomora), M1

20.Bond -Unite- (絆 -Unite- Kizuna -Yunaito-)


Kaiju/Seijin: Alien Fanton Guruman, Bemular, Bugbuzun Brood

21.A Beautiful End (美しき終焉 Utsukushiki Shūen)


Kaiju/Seijin: Alien Fanton Guruman, Cyber Gomora, Greeza

22.The Rainbow Land (虹の大地 Niji no Daichi)


Kaiju/Seijin: Greeza, EX Red King, EX Gomora, Tsurugi Demaaga