User(s): Ultraman Victory, Shou, Ace Killer, Ultraman Ginga Victory
Nature: Weapon
Powers: Varies per Ultran
First Appearance: Ultraman Ginga S:Episode 1
Status: In use

Ultrans are partially UltraLived monsters, using the Victory Lancer.  Only one of the monster's arms replaces the users, and is known as a lance.


Ultraman Ginga S

It first appeared in Ultraman Ginga S episode 2 when Victory stole the Red King Knuckle and ultra live with it and fought Ginga with it.

Victory had uses the Ultrans in many other episodes.

Ginga S Movie

Victory again uses the Ultrans in the movie.When Victory and Ginga combine together to became Ginga Victory,Ginga Victory is able to use selected Ultrans to use in combat.

Ultra Fight Victory

Victory uses them once again in this special against Aribunta in the fist battle but however,Yapool was analysing Victory's Ultrans powers and transferred it towards Ace Killer's data.

Ace Killer then copied Ultraman Victory's power and uses the Ultrans power to defeat Ultraman Ace but however Ultraman Victory appeared and save Ace from Ace Killer and defeating him.

Ultraman X

Eleking tail knight timber


  • Weapons: Ultrans allows Victory to be granted with a weapon with the said parts of the respective monsters.
  • Finishers: Some Ultrans have the ability to finish opponents in one hit.


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