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Format: Science fiction, action, adventure
Created by: Tsuburaya Productions
Starring: Kohji Moritsugu, Shōji Nakayama, Yuriko Hishimi
Opening Theme: Ultraseven no Uta
Ending Theme: None
Country Of Origin Japan
Number Of Episodes 49
Running Time 24 minutes (per episode)
Original Channel TBS (JPN)


Original Air Date October 1, 1967 – September 8, 1968
Preceded by Ultraman
Succeeded by The Return of Ultraman
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Ultraseven (ウルトラセブン Urutora Sebun?) is the third entry in the Ultra-Series, airing in Japan in 1967. Created by Eiji Tsuburaya, this follow up to Ultraman went on to become one of Japan's greatest fantasy TV series, with average ratings of over 36%.. Such is his popularity that Ultra Seven (or simply 'Seven') has appeared or at least made cameos in nearly every Ultra Series following his own and has had far more exposure than even the original Ultraman (though the original Ultraman is without a doubt the face of the Ultras). It later returned for another season, in 1994 on to 2002, known as Heisei Ultraseven.

Ultraseven is sometimes incorrectly called "Ultraman Seven" by many sources outside Japan (or in the case of KHON/Honolulu, Hawaii, Ultra 7, as listed in TV Guide when it ran in 1975). Both the series and its hero can also be called Ultra Seven (with a space).

The 1967 TV seriesEdit

, produced by Tsuburaya Productions, aired on Tokyo Broadcasting System from October 1, 1967 to September 8, 1968. In the not-too-distant future, the Earth finds itself constantly under attack from extraterrestrial threats. To combat them, the Terrestrial Defense Force establishes the Ultra Guard (ウルトラ警備隊 Urutora keibi-tai?), a team of six elite members who utilize high-tech vehicles and weaponry. Joining their fight is the mysterious Dan Moroboshi who is secretly an alien from the Land of Light in Nebula M-78, Ultraseven.

Characters  The Ultra Garrison (ウルトラ警備隊?)Edit

  • Commander Kaoru Kiriyama is the captain of the Ultra Garrison. A no-nonsense but kind leader. He is from Tokyo.
  • Shigeru Furuhashi is a rotund, strong, trigger-happy member of the Ultra Garrison. Many years later, he would find himself a high-ranking TDF commander and one of Ultra Seven's few allies. He is from Hokkaido.
  • Anne Yuri is the only female member of the Ultra Garrison, and also the youngest. She is the team's communications operator and nurse, but is still effective in action. Has feelings for fellow member Dan Moroboshi. She is also from Tokyo.
  • Soga is Ultra Garrison's expert marksman. He is easy-going, but fierce in battle. He is a friend of Dan Moroboshi. He is from Southern Kyushu.
  • Amagi is the twitchy stragegist. He is from Nagoya.
  • Dan Moroboshi/Ultraseven (Agent 340), the title character, is from the Land of Light in the Nebula M-78, the same planet as Ultraman. Originally sent to map the Milky Way, he visits Earth and it captivates him. On his first visit he saves the life of a young mountain climber named Jiro Satsuma, who nearly falls to his death while saving a fellow climber. Instead of merging with him, as Ultraman did with SSSP member Shin Hayata, Seven morphs himself into a duplicate of the unconscious Jiro. However, he names himself Dan Moroboshi to avoid confusion. A mysterious but friendly young man, Dan joins the Ultra Guard as its sixth member. Unknown to them or anyone else, he saves the day from alien invasions as Agent 340, christened by the Garrison as its "honorary 7th member," Ultra Seven.

Monsters & AliensEdit

Capsule MonstersEdit

Monsters And AliensEdit


  1. The Invisible Challenger (姿なき挑戦者 Sugata naki Chōsensha?)
  2. The Green Terror (緑の恐怖 Midori no Kyōfu?)
  3. The Secret of the Lake (湖のひみつ Mizumi no himitsu?)
  4. Respond, Max (マックス号応答せよ Makkusu-gō Ōtō seyo?)
  5. The Erased Time (消された時間 Kesareta Jikan?)
  6. Dark Zone (ダーク・ゾーン Dāku Zōn?)
  7. Alien Prisoner 303 (宇宙囚人303 Uchū Shūjin San-Maru-San?)
  8. The Targeted Town (狙われた街 Nerawareta Machi?) SMOKING
  9. Android Zero Directive (アンドロイド0指令 Andoroido Zero Shirei?)
  10. The Suspicious Neighbor (怪しい隣人 Ayashii Rinjin?)
  11. Fly to the Mountain of Evil (魔の山へ飛べ Ma no Yama e Tobe?)
  12. From a Planet With Love (遊星より愛をこめて Yūsei yori Ai o Komete?)
  13. The Man Who Came From V3 (V3から来た男 Bui Surī kara Kita Otoko?) SMOKING
  14. The Ultra Garrison Goes West, Part 1 (ウルトラ警備隊西へ(前編) Urutora Keibitai Nishi e (Zenpen)?)
  15. The Ultra Garrison Goes West, Part 2 (ウルトラ警備隊西へ(後編) Urutora Keibitai Nishi e (Kōhen)?)
  16. The Eye That Shines in the Darkness (闇に光る目 Yami ni Hikaru Me?)
  17. Underground Go! Go! Go! (地底GO! GO! GO! Chitei Gō! Gō! Gō!?)
  18. Escape Space X (空間X脱出 Kūkan Ekkusu Dasshutsu?)
  19. Project Blue (プロジェクト・ブルー Purojekuto Burū?)
  20. Destroy Earthquake Epicenter X (地震源Xを倒せ Jishingen Ekkusu o Taose?)
  21. Pursue the Sea Bottom Base (海底基地を追え Kaitei Kichi o Oe?)
  22. The Human Farm (人間牧場 Ningen Bokujō?)
  23. Search for Tomorrow (明日を捜せ Asu o Sagase?)
  24. Return to the North! (北へ還れ! Kita e Kaere!?)
  25. Showdown at 140 Degrees Below Zero (零下140度の対決 Reika Hyakuyonjū-do no Taiketsu?)
  26. Super Weapon R-1 (超兵器R1号 Chōheiki Āru Ichi-gō?)
  27. Operation Cyborg (サイボーグ作戦 Saibōgu Sakusen?)
  28. The 700 Kilometer Run! (700キロを突っ走れ! Nanahyaku Kiro o Tsuppashire!?)
  29. The Forsaken Earthman (ひとりぼっちの地球人 Hitoribotchi no Chikyūjin?)
  30. For Whom Takes the Glory (栄光は誰れのために Eikō wa Dare no Tame ni?)
  31. The Devil Who Dwells in a Flower (悪魔の住む花 Akuma no Sumu Hana?)
  32. The Wandering Planet (散歩する惑星 Sannpo suru Wakusei?)
  33. The Dead Invaders (侵略する死者たち Shinryaku suru Shishatachi?)
  34. The Vanishing City (蒸発都市 Jōhatsu Toshi?)
  35. Horror on the Moon (月世界の戦慄 Gessekai no Senritsu?)
  36. The 0.1 Second Kill (必殺の0.1秒 Hissatsu no Rei-ten-ichi Byō?)
  37. The Stolen Ultra Eye (盗まれたウルトラ・アイ Nusumareta Urutora Ai?)
  38. The Courageous Battle (勇気ある戦い Yūki aru Tatakai?)
  39. The Seven Assassination Plan Part 1 (セブン暗殺計画(前篇) Sebun Ansatsu Keikaku (Zenpen)?)
  40. The Seven Assassination Plan Part 2 (セブン暗殺計画(後編) Sebun Ansatsu Keikaku (Kōhen)?)
  41. The Challenge from the Water (水中からの挑戦 Suichū kara no Chōsen?)
  42. Ambassador of The Nonmalt (ノンマルトの使者 Nonmaruto no Shisha?)
  43. Nightmare on Planet 4 (第四惑星の悪夢 Daiyon Wakusei no Akumu?)
  44. The Terrifying Super-Simian (恐怖の超猿人 Kyōfu no Chōenjin?)
  45. The Boy Who Cried Flying Saucer (円盤が来た Enban ga Kita?)
  46. The Duel: Dan vs. Seven (ダン対セブンの決闘 Dan tai Sebun no Kettō?)
  47. Who are You? (あなたはだぁれ? Anata wa dare??)
  48. The Greatest Invasion in History Part 1 (史上最大の侵略(前編) Shijō Saidai no Kessen (Zenpen)?)
  49. The Greatest Invasion in History Part 2 (史上最大の侵略(後編) Shijō Saidai no Kessen (Kōhen)?)


Suit ActorsEdit

Ultraseven (ウルトラセブン Urutorasebun?): Uenishi Hirotsugu (上西弘次 Hirotsugu Uenishi?)


A Movie Version of Episode 18 was published July 21, 1968 in the Toei Manga parade

Heisei UltrasevenEdit

NTV Specials (1994)Edit

Enemies: Alien Pitt, Eleking
After defeating Reconstructed Pandon and leaving Earth, Ultraseven falls back to Earth after being defeated in space. On Earth, Furuhashi is now Captain of the new Ultra Garrison while Anne has retired and now lives with her brother, who is a renowned scientist working on a 'Hyper Solar System' module, which the Alien Pitt want to acquire.

This episode features cameos from members of the Science Patrol from Ultraman, namely Susumu Kurobe, Hiroko Sakurai and Masanari Nihei. The actor who plays Furuhashi also played Arashi in Ultraman.

This episode guests stars Hiroshi Tsuburaya, grandson of Eiji Tsuburaya.

Ultra Seven 30th Anniversary Memorial Trilogy (1998) Edit

The Final Chapters (1999) Edit

Ultra Seven 35th Anniversary: EVOLUTION (2002) Edit

TNT EpisodesEdit

In 1985, Turner Program Services commissioned Cinar to dub all 49 episodes for run in syndication. [1] The Cinar produced episodes featured new opening and closing credits, eyecatches, and even new episode names. After failing to sell it to local and national stations, Turner put the tapes back into their vaults until 1994, when Ultra Seven was selected for broadcast on the Toons 'Till Noon and MonsterVision blocks on TNT. The Toons 'Till Noon broadcasts received substantially heavy editing to make them suitable for the time slot, while the MonsterVision broadcasts were left completely uncut. Episodes 5-7 were missing, but instead of paying Cinar for the missing episodes, they aired all the tapes they had already. When the contract expired between Tsuburaya, Cinar, and Turner, all materials (film, tapes, audio masters) reverted to, and were collected by Tsuburaya.

Cinar titles:

  1. Enter Dan Moroboshe
  2. Shrubs From Space
  3. Secret of the Lake
  4. Double Trouble At Sea
  5.  ???
  6.  ???
  7.  ???
  8. Smokers On The Rampage
  9. Toys In Crisis
  10. The Man Next Door
  11. Captured In Living Color
  12. Crystallized Corpusels (Banned Episode 12)
  13. Space Ace Reunion
  14. Planets In Conflict Part 1
  15. Planets In Conflict Part 2
  16. The Eyes Have Had It
  17. Cave-In
  18. The Bells Are Ringing
  19. Wane Lord Of The Universe
  20. The Quakemaker
  21. Nissans Return Engagement
  22. Chromosone Eaters
  23. Fugitive Fortune Teller
  24. Mother Knows Best
  25. Ultra-7 Exposed
  26. The 8,000 Megaton Mistake
  27. Temporary Traitor
  28. Death On Wheels
  29. The Apprentice Alien
  30. Trial By War
  31. Blood-Thirst
  32. Island In The Sky
  33. The Dead Invaders
  34. Urban Removal
  35. Moon-Stuck
  36. Sharp Shooter Showdown
  37. Devils Angle
  38. Brave One
  39. Ultra 7 - Tastes Defeat Part 1
  40. Ultra 7 - Tastes Defeat Part 2
  41. Killer Lake
  42. The Boy By The Lake
  43. Design By Tyranny
  44. Stargazer
  45. Simian Says Surrender
  46. Dan And The Ultra-7 Challenge
  47. Home Sweet Home
  48. Exit Ultra-7 Part 1
  49. Exit Ultra-7 Part 2

Shout! Factory English Subtitled ReleaseEdit

81gjWnqNd2L. SL1500

In 2012, Shout! Factory obtained a license to subtitle Ultra Seven in English, and released it for sale on their website as a physical boxed CD set, which is only available for shipping within the US and Canada. The original Episode 12, however, was not included, so the total number of episodes in this release was 48. On December 11, 2012 Shout! Factory made the set available through regular retailers. The case this time is a standard DVD keep case.

Theme songEdit

Appearances in other Ultra seriesEdit

Besides the Heisei Ultraseven series, Ultraseven's huge popularity enabled him to make either guest or regular appearances in the following Ultra Series after the end of the original 1967 TV series. Ultraseven appeared in 2 episodes of The Return of Ultraman (Kaettekita Urutoraman, 1971), as well as in numerous episodes in Ultraman Ace (Urutoraman Eesu, 1972) and Ultraman Taro (Urutoraman Tarou, 1973). Seven loses his ability to transform and his human form, Dan Moroboshi acts as the captain for the defense team MAC in Ultraman Leo (Urutoraman Reo, 1974). A monster resembling Ultra Seven in black, known as Delusion Ultraseven, appears in Ultraman 80 (Urutoraman Eiti, 1980). Another Ultra similar to Ultra Seven, known as Ultra Seven 21, appeared in Ultraman Neos. Ultra Seven's most recent appearances include movies Ultraman Mebius & Ultraman Brothers and Superior Ultraman 8 Brothers, as well as TV series Ultraman Mebius (Urutoraman Mebiusu, 2006). Ultraseven X is actually a spin-off featuring the hero in another dimension. To date, Ultra Seven's also appeared in Ultra Galaxy:NEO and its movie, Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy, alongside his son Ultraman Zero. This also makes him the first known Ultra being other than the Mother and Father of Ultra to have an offspring. Seven returned yet again in 2010's Ultraman Zero: The Revenge of Belial as a supporting character.


Uchimura Seven

Uchimura Seven is a sketch parody based on UltraSeven.


  • Ultraseven and the original Ultraman have been the only two Ultramen to have a remake of the series. Ultraman had 1 and Ultraseven had 3 remakes.
  • One of few soundtracks of this series would be used again later in Ultraman Ace, Ultraman Leo and Ultraman 80 series.
  • Ultraseven has 2 episodes banned: From Another Planet with Love (Banned in World War II), & Super Weapon R-1 (Banned in 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster).
    • Due in part to the ban, the 12th episode is not on the Region 1 DVD release by Shout! Factory. However, the recently banned 26th episode was released and can be seen on this set.
  • Ultraseven was originally intended to be the last entry into the Ultra Series. It's immense popularity proved otherwise.
  • Clips of Ultraseven were shown on an episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, with the host trying to get guest Joel Hodgson to help "MST" them.
  • This series was originally going to be named Ultra Eye.

DVD/Blu-Ray Box SetsEdit

Ultraseven Box Set, & Ultraseven The Complete Series Features All Episodes Except Episode 12. Heisei Ultraseven DVD Box Sets features All Episodes. Ultraseven Blu-Ray Box I Features episodes 1-25 except Episode 12, & Blu-Ray Box II features Episodes 26-49.


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