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Ultraseven X
Ultraseven X is the 21st entry in the Ultra Series
Ultraseven x
Format: Tokusatsu, Sci-FI
Created by: Tsuburaya Productions
Starring: Eriku Yoza, Saki Kagami, Tomohito Wakizaki, Anri Ban
Opening Theme: Another Day Comes
Ending Theme: None
Country Of Origin Japan
Number Of Episodes 12
Running Time 24 minutes
Original Channel Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting
Original Air Date October 5, 2007
Preceded by Ultraman Mebius
Succeeded by Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle
Watch on TOKU
Ultraseven X (ULTRASEVEN X(ウルトラセブン エックス) Urutorasebun Ekkusu) is the 21st entry in the Tsuburaya Productions' long-running Ultra Series. It is a revival of the 1967 classic Ultra Seven, and is the first in Tsuburaya Productions' Ultra hero series to be exclusively for an adult audience and in wide screen high-definition format. The show first aired on October 5, 2007 at 2.15am on CBC and 2.25am on TBS.[1][2]

On May 11, 2017, Toku announced that the series will air in the United States on its channel with English subtitles beginning June 5 until June 12, 2017.[3]



Main article: DEUS

DEUS (DEUS(デウス) Deusu) is the special investigative team organized in order to defend the Earth against alien aggressors. Although they live as normal people, members of DEUS can be called into action at any given time. Agents call each other by code name rather than their actual names. Led by the Commander of DEUS (DEUS(デウス)司令 Deusu Shirei), he informs agents of their missions through the VC. It is revealed to be an A.I. that controls all of the world's information on behalf of the shadow rulers. The agent's main equipment are the Ultra Gun (ウルトラガン Urutora Gan) which is a small laser gun, and the VC (Video-Ceiver) (VC(ビデオシーバー) Buishī (Bideo Shībā)) wristband which is for all-purpose communication. The known agents of DEUS are:

  • Jin/Ultraseven X (ジン/ウルトラセブン X(エックス) Jin/Urutorasebun Ekkusu): An agent in DEUS, he was killed when running away from DEUS agents with Elea, when they came close to finding out the real identity of the shadow rulers. He lost his memory after being revived by Ultraseven, and therefore does not remember his real name. He is 25 years old.
  • Agent K (ケイ Kei): He is an agent in DEUS and executes missions with Jin. He is 25 years old.
  • Agent S (エス Esu): She is an agent in DEUS and focuses on undercover missions. She eats chocolate frequently. She is 25 years old.
  • Agent R: Aiding a flying saucer responsible for kidnapping people who felt that their life was worthless, he eventually wanted to be taken away by it too, but was killed when a beam was fired onto him by it, leaving a burning ground.
  • Agent D: An agent who fell in love with a woman alien who was supposed to gather information preparing for an invasion, he did all he could to protect her. He also taught her to play the guitar, which she fell in love with as she loved the music from it. He pretended to have been killed by a flash of light during an mission with S, in order to disappear to spend time with his lover.

Aqua Project

Main article: Aqua Project

The Aqua Project is a top secret project conducted by the government. It is supposed to convert energy in water into atomic energy. When it was found to open a portal into a parallel universe, the project was halted. However, it was restarted by the shadow rulers in an attempt to invade the parallel universe. Members of the project then found out about the shadow rulers, and were all killed, except for one:

  • Elea Saeki (冴木 エレア Saeki Erea): An employee in the Science Department, she was part of the Aqua Project, a top secret project by the government. After coming close to finding out the real identity of the shadow rulers, she and Jin were pursuited by DEUS agents. When she and Jin fell into Lake Nousu trying to escape the agents, she was contacted by Ultraseven and gave permission to him to "become one" with Jin. When Jin awoken, she handed the Ultra Eye to him so that he can transform into Ultraseven. She is 22 years old.

Ultraseven X

Main article: Ultraseven (character)

Ultraseven X (ウルトラセブン X(エックス) Urutorasebun Ekkusu) is a mysterious red and silver giant that Jin transforms into after putting on the Ultra Eye (ウルトラアイ Urutora Ai) sunglasses.


  • Eye Slugger (アイスラッガー Ai Suraggā): Boomerang-like weapon equipped on his head. Though it is as capable as the original Ultra Seven's Eye Slugger in slicing enemies, its offensive attacks can also be like a club's than a blade, as shown in Episode 1's battle.
  • Emerium Ray (エメリウム光線 Emeriumu Kōsen): Various concentrations of energy rays can be fired from the Beam Lamp on Ultraseven X's forehead. Targets would burn and be destroyed in an angry green flame.
  • Wide Shot (ワイドショット Waido Shotto): Ultraseven X's most powerful attack. It can split into multiple, separate beams that can strike at different, multiple targets, as shown in Episode 2. Targets are destroyed in a blue-white explosion.

Ultraseven X's Identity

In the final episode ("NEW WORLD"), Ultraseven X is revealed to be the original Ultra Seven, crossed over into a parallel universe in order to save both his world (the "M-78 universe"), and this new one, from the threat of the Shadow Rulers. Ultraseven restored Jin's life in order to operate in the new world, with Jin serving as his new host. Ultraseven eventually returns to his universe, where Dan Moroboshi (Kohji Moritsugu) is reunited with Anne Yuri (Yuriko Hishimi).

Monsters and aliens

Ultraseven Kaiju & Seijin
Ultraseven Windom | Alien Cool | Alien Waiell | Human Organism X | Alien Pitt | Eleking | Miclas | Alien Godola | Alien Bira | Alien Pegassa | Alien Quraso | Alien Metron | Alien Chibu | Zero One | Alien Icarus | Alien Wild | Nurse | Alien Spell | Alien Iyros | King Joe | Alien Pedan | Annon | U-Tom | Alien Bell | Blood-Sucking Acari | Gumonga | Suflan II | Alien Bado | Alien Shaplay | Giradorus | Iron Rocks | Alien Mimy | Alien Braco | Alien Talk (Unaired Seijin) | Gabura | Alien Shadow | Alien Kanan | Gandar | Alien Poll | Star Bem Gyeron | Alien Borg | Dinosaur Tank | Alien Kill | Alien Prote | Alien Plachiku | Darii | Rigger | Agira | Shadowman | Alien Uley | Dancan | Petero | Alien Zamppa | Alien Pega | Alien Magellan | Alien Banda | Crazygon | Alien Guts | Aron | Tepeto | Alien Tepeto | Guyros | Nonmalt | Robot Chief | Robot Commissioner | People of the Fourth Planet | Alien Goron | Gorry | Alien Perolynga | Alien Salome | Robot Ultraseven | Alien Hook | Pandon | Reconstructed Pandon | Alien Ghos
Alien Pitt | Eleking III | Alien Metron | Dinosaur | Alien Viyell | Alien Guts | Sulfas | Banderas | Alien Valkryie | Daitekkai | Alien Galo | Alien Kyuloo | Alien Remojo | Bolajo | Dairyuhkai | King Joe II | Nonmalt | Zabangi | Disk Dragon | Alien Pegassa | Alien Godola | Neo Pandon | Alien Garut | Plant Life form | Gaimos
Ultraseven X Galkimes | Alien Makindo | Peginera | Alien Vo-Da | Alien Chamuda | The Soul of Light | Alien Vairo | Vadoryudo | Hupnath | Jyuujin | Saku | Grakyess |Mecha Grakyess


  • Jin (ジン Jin): Eriku Yoza (与座 重理久 Yoza Eriku)
  • Elea (エレア Erea): Saki Kagami (加賀美 早紀 Kagami Saki)
  • Agent K (ケイ Kei): Tomohito Wakizaki (脇崎 智史 Wakizaki Tomohito)
  • Agent S (エス Esu): Anri Ban (伴 杏里 Ban Anri)
  • DEUS Commander (DEUS(デウス)司令 Deusu Shirei Voice): Yosuke Natsuki (夏木 陽介 Natsuki Yōsuke)
  • Newscaster of Government Broadcasting (政府放送のキャスター Seifu Hōsō no Kyasutā): Kenichi Miyamoto (宮本 賢一 Miyamoto Ken'ichi), Yoko Azami (莇 陽子 Azami Yōko)

Guest actors

Suit actors


Main article: Ultraseven X (novelization)

A Novel series of UltraSeven X is released and published in Hobby Japan.

The U.S

The U.S. Premiere of Ultraman Seven X June 5th on TOKU!

Series staff


Theme song


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