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Ultrawoman Meg

Ultrawoman Meg

Ultrawoman Meg was an OVA exclusive character that appeared in the OVA series, Ultraman Graffiti.


Height: 40m  (Est.)

Weight: N/A

Origin: M78 (Graffiti universe)


Behind every man is a woman who supports him, and this is no more true than with Ultraman. Ultrawoman Meg is Ultraman's loving wife and stay at home mother for Ultraboy McCune and UltraGirl Mel. She usually solves Ultraman's problems before he even figured out he had a problem.


  • Although not considered canon at all, Ultrawoman Meg would have been the second shown wife of an Ultra, the first being, of course, Mother of Ultra
  • She looks exactly like her husband in every way except where his markings are red, hers are dark pink.
  • It is unknown how she and Ultraman met, but it is revealed that Ultraman was romanticly involved with a female version of Jirass prior to his marriage.

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