Unmamroi Dako1
Home world: East China Sea, Earth
First appearance: Fight! Mighty Jack episode 14 "Get Over the Sea of ​​Fire!"
Latest appearance: None
Height: 270 m
Weight: 168,000 t
Category: Daikaiju
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Umamroi Dako (海魔 大ダコ Umamroi Dako) is a octopus kaiju that appeared in Fight! Mighty Jack.


Fight! Mighty Jack

It lived in East China Sea and attacked a boat nearby its territory. The Jack attack team heard of this and tried to attack the giant octopus, Dako. This did not pull through as Dako rode on one of the Jack's planes. Who ever rode the plane tried to shock the beast with 30,000 volts but Dako didn't feel anything. Then another member the team shot the octopus with a missile, killing the destructive mollusk.


  • Constricting Tentacles: Umamroi Dako could use it's strong and lengthy tentacles to constrict and latch onto it's prey.
  • Resistance: Umamroi Dako was resistant to flames as well as 30,000 volts.


  • Dako has a reused prop and roar from the Giant Octopus from War of the Gargantuas.


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