Underground Men
Underground People
Home world: Planet Earth
First appearance: Ultraman 80 Episode 22: "When The Planets Make a Line" (1980)
Latest appearance: None
Height: Same as Human
Weight: Same as Human
Category: Kaijin
Affiliation: Queen Einus
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The Underground People where introduced in Ultraman 80.


  • Height: same as human
  • Weight: same as human
  • Origin: Underground King Yue months


Ultraman 80

The Underground Men were a sperate species of humans living as far back as the Ice Age. The Underground Men where the same size in population as humans (4 billion). They were found shortly after the Underground Men launched a satellite to block out sunlight, the UGM chased them into a cave which turned out to be the entrance to their kingdom. The UGM awoke to see the subterraneans aiming rifles at them, but they were stopped by their leader, Queen Einus. She told them the history of the Underground Men, and Takeshi promised to her that they could way for them to live together. The rest of UGM tried to persuade the leaders of Japan to allow it, and succeeded. One official, driven to an insane state to destroy them, ordered an attack on the satellite and the Underground Men. The activity awakened the monster Gomora who caused the underground world to crumble apart, while the Underground Men and their princess retreated far underground.     


Powers and Abilities


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