Home world: Planet Unitoroda
First Appearance: Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy Episode 8: "Unitoroda's Repayment"
Latest Appearance: None
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Category: Alien
Affiliation: Sabikong
Roar(s): TBA

Unitoroda was an alien that appeared in the television series Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy.


Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy

In Tokusuke’s small factory in the outskirts of town, a strange substance has begun to appear on the machines and equipment. According to Professor Watari, it is a mysterious substance that is neither rust nor mold. That evening, as Tokusuke rode his bicycle home in a rather drunken state, he knocked down a strange figure in the dark. Helping the person up, Tokusuke realized it was in fact an alien! With few options available, he brings the alien back home with him. Once home the alien introduced himself as Unitoroda and he was on an important mission to exterminate the monster Sabikong, but his ship crash landed on Earth. After eating a bunch of sushi, Unitoroda found globs of slime that were part of Sabikong thanks to the locals telling him about them. The alien used a heat beam from his hands to eliminate the globs near him, but became exhausted as soon as he was done. The locals decided to help Unitoroda by rebuilding his flying saucer. After luring all of Sabikong's body globs by a giant sound speaker system, the locals watched on as Unitoroda went into the monster's stomach and heated him up from the inside. Once Sabikong blew up Unitoroda was found to be okay and flew off after saying his goodbye to the people of Earth.

Powers and Abilities

  • Heat Beam: Unitoroda can fire a heat beam from his hands that is very precise. However, using this for too long will exhaust him.

Unitoroda's heat beam used in front of the locals

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