During the production of Ultraseven, some planned episodes were not made. Some of the episodes were cancelled because of budget or time constraints while some were modified into another episode. A couple of episodes made it out of the planning stages and had the kaiju's suits were made, like Piniya's suit, which was modified into Alien Perolynga and Alien Tock's suit, which was made into Alien Borg.

List of Unproduced EpisodesEdit

  • Challenge of Light and Shadow (Screenplay: Keisuke Fujikawa)
  • Drifting Planet (draft: Torami Kunio, Screenplay: Masahiro Yamada)
  • Human Thief (Screenplay: Tetsuo Kinjo, scheduled Director: Suzuki ShunTsugi)
  • Revenge of 300 Years (Screenplay: Shozo Uehara, scheduled Director: field Nagase Sanmachi)
  • Half-human (Screenplay: Keisuke Fujikawa)
  • Golden Seeds (Screenplay: Masahiro Yamada)
  • Red group Beast (Screenplay: Keisuke Fujikawa)
  • The Mystery of the Monster Zone (Screenplay: Keisuke Fujikawa, scheduled Director: Suzuki ShunTsugi)
  • Cry From the Bottom of the Lake (Screenplay: Keisuke Fujikawa, scheduled Director: Suzuki ShunTsugi)
  • Large Torrent (Screenplay: Bunzo Wakatsuki, Director: Kazuho Mitsuda)
  • Aliens 15+ Monsters 35 (Screenplay: Shozo Kawasaki high Uehara, scheduled Director: reality when Akio)
  • Identification Tag No.3 (Screenplay: Tetsuo Kinjo)
  • Save the Alien: only (Screenplay Jun Higashiyama) raw manuscript only.
  • Target Moroboshi Dan: only (Screenplay Jun Higashiyama) raw manuscript only.

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