Hye, im apexz. Now i already knew how to solve the mystery but i need something, about the picture was post by Zhu, Ginga been stepped by Darker Gale, which mean, Ginga is smalled than Darker Gale, he was not in his acctual height, as we seen in the war where they first fight, They at the same height.

Ginga 3456789

The proof, Darker Gale foot is bigger almost can steppeed whole Ginga body.

But,what i really want to know, that he just like Tiga, in his 45 minute movie, revival of the ancient giant, when Tsubasa change into Taiga to fight Dogouf, Tiga is smaller than Dogouf but when the flashback where Tiga save the village, he was bigger i meant same height as Dogouf. So, what i mean, Ginga acctually can change size, or giving him a Spark Doll nature make him growth smalleri guess.

Sorry, but this is just my theories and idea i got.

Apexz (talk) 02:59, December 12, 2013 (UTC)

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