So we have the Night Raiders, GUYS and XIO which one has the best equipement? Let's find out!

Night Raiders


-invisible jets

-Ultimate Vanisher which replicates the ultra beam to it's full power

-pocket dimension/Meta-field travel

-top secret base


-Ultimate Vanisher can only be used once per battle

-the jets have to combine to Meta-field travel

-by combining, they make a bigger target

-can't realize monsters




-monster realization

-knowledge of numerous monsters

-Space mines to keep space monsters dead


-Monsters only remaine active for 1 minute

-METEOR 1 minute limit

-base is wide open



-Monster realization

-the monsters realized are stronger than normal monsters since they're cyber kaiju

-coverage of multiple spaces(land,sky,space)

-use of the Ultlaser multiple times per battle

-digital shield surrounding base

-Cyber cards weaponnery for the XIO musketty


-the longer the monster is there the bigger the strain

-base is wide open

-the Ultlaser doesn't use the Ultra beam to it's full power

-theres only one XIO musketty, meaning that they cant cover land, sky and space at the same time

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