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  • Crazybeard1234

    All Ultraman File 2017

    December 29, 2017 by Crazybeard1234

    Note: These images are from a book I own, so if you're ever in need of clearer images just comment down below and I'll try my best.

    So here's a compilation of scanned images from the All Ultraman File 2017 magazine. I will be updating the gallery daily until the whole book's been completed. Cheers.

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  • Crazybeard1234

    China Ultraman Page

    October 15, 2017 by Crazybeard1234

    Should we add a page for the China Ultraman created by Blue Arc and Chaiyo? Mainly serving to archive the events relating to copyright feuds and issues, as well as detailed explanation and description of the project, similar to this and this.

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  • Crazybeard1234

    Custom Figurines

    February 15, 2017 by Crazybeard1234

    Just putting this blog post out there to the possibility that any custom figure makers may see this. Am honestly in desperate need for a custom Ribut figure (so bad that when I look at Ribut, a part of me dies inside).

    Will probably be Ultra Hero Series #01 (Ultraman), or #04 (Jack). #02 (Zoffy) is also fine, though his medallions may get in the way.

    Same with Jack with his Ultra Bracelet. Pesky little b-

    Putting the arms of Ultraman on Jack's might help.

    Basically red, chrome silver, gun metal black (on his wrists and ankles) and blue paint (crystals and bracer). Whatever you see fit is fine.

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  • Crazybeard1234

    As is evident from the Ultra Monster Anthropomorphic Project page itself, some people are really freaked out, even disgusted (which can be considered an overreaction on their part) about the whole project in itself. But the most important and alarming issue is the problem of exposing such content to children in general.

    As you all know, Ultraman is a franchise loved by kids globally, and thus it is expected that young children will definitely go on to the wikia at times. However, it is our job not to expose them to inappropriate content unsuitable for their ages and to keep the wikia child-friendly.

    This comes with its own set of problems as well, as the Ultra Monster Anthropomorphic Project page cannot be expanded to its fullest potential a…

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  • Crazybeard1234

    Well, the press conference for the anime series for the Ultra Anthropomorphic Project anime series is here. We are introduced to the VAs for Ultraseven's capsule monsters, specifically: Suzuki Aina (Ohara Mari from Love Live! Sunshine) as Miclas, Iida Riho (Hoshizora Rin from Love Live!) as Agira, and Endou Yurika as Windam! They also answer a few questions in regards to the new anime, as well as concerning their knowledge surrounding the Ultra Series! Here's the link, and enjoy. Do help to translate and add information to the pages if possible!

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