Ok, Tsuburaya recently posted a new video about Ultraman Ginga's second half. It shows the new intro for Shin Ultraman Retsuden, Dark Ultramen, new monsters, Dark Zagi, and even the dark figure (legs)! But in all seriousness, we need the airing dates, right? That's what I'm telling you now.

Ok, so here's the deal. I read the description on the video, and translated it. It said something about Ultraman Ginga airing every Wednesday, until December. So that means today (20th November) is one of the airing dates, so Episode 7 hooray. 

So what are your thoughts on Ginga, Dark Ultramen, new monsters, everything? 

Brief History of the Trailer

As you can see in the trailer, Darker Gale appears, and every Ultra Brother gets zapped into Spark Dolls. Ya, that's interesting, much. Ultraman Taro looks in shock as he, too gets turned.

Next we see the title card of Shin Ultraman Retsuden, and BLAM! Out comes another title card from nowhere! Curse you, Kamen Rider Wizard!

Next we see Ginga fighting various past enemies, one notable thing is his fight against Dark Zagi, which was in the Movie Special we haven't seen yet. Looks awesome to me. Then we switch to the main characters, and blah blah. Interesting is that that one girl (Hikaru's GF) is holding a Red King Spark Doll (One thing to note is that actually the apparent "picture" of them smiling is actually a filming, not a photoshopped pic. Creepy.)

Next, we switch to the principal, nothing interesting. But then we see Hikaru's Grandpa bowing to Ultraman Taro?! Now that's some crazy news.

Ah, now comes the interesting part. Skipping Ginga's special attacks, we see J9 (Jean Nine) and Ginga facing against Super Grand King, awesome. Next comes Ginga against Antlar, if you look closely enough. And then Galberos challenges him to a wrestling match, Alien Nackle holds a featherduster (he apparently got detention and has to clean up the whole school), and Zaragas appearing out of nowhere. (Onore Wizard again.)

Next, Red King challenges Jashrine to a fight. And INTERESTINGLY, TARO appears! How he turned back again is unknown. (I liked this part). And Darker Gale appears, looking so cool and everything, holding the Dark Spark. And then we see flashes of Dark Ultraman and Dark Ultraseven, with Ultraman being the one turning around, and Seven being the one clashing his hands together, with an aura around both of them.

And then we see a shipping of both Hikaru and that one girl. Finally, Ginga poses for the audience, looking all cool and awesome.

You can check out the trailer for yourself below.



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